Where the land meets the sea : fourteen millennia of human history at Huaca Prieta, Peru /

Huaca Prieta-one the world's best-known, yet least understood, early maritime mound sites-and other Preceramic sites on the north coast of Peru bear witness to the beginnings of civilization in the Americas. Across more than fourteen millennia of human occupation, the coalescence of maritime, a...

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Other Authors: Dillehay, Tom D. (Editor)
Format: Government Document eBook
Published: Austin : University of Texas Press, 2017.
Edition:First edition.
Series:William & Bettye Nowlin series in art, history, and culture of the Western Hemisphere.
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Table of Contents:
  • Relevance / Tom D. Dillehay
  • Foundational understandings / Tom D. Dillehay
  • Research design / Tom D. Dillehay
  • The environmental setting, past and present / Patricia J. Netherly and Tom D. Dillehay
  • Holocene geology and paleoenvironmental history of the lower Chicama Valley / Steven L. Goodbred Jr., Rachel Beavins, Michael Ramírez, Mario Pino, André Oliveira Sawakuchi, Claudio Latorre, Tom D. Dillehay, and Duccio Bonavia
  • Cultural phases and radiocarbon chronology / Tom D. Dillehay and Duccio Bonavia
  • Site data and patterns / Tom D. Dillehay, Duccio Bonavia, Gabino Rodríguez, Gerson Levi-Lazzarus, Daniel Fernandes Moreira, Marilaura López Solís, Paige Silcox, and Kristin Benson
  • Bioarchaeology of the Huaca Prieta remains / Anne R. Titelbaum and John W. Verano
  • Faunal remains / Víctor F. Vásquez, Teresa Rosales Tham, Tom D. Dillehay, and Patricia J. Netherly
  • Plant remains / Duccio Bonavia, Víctor F. Vásquez, Teresa Rosales Tham, Tom D. Dillehay, Patricia J. Netherly, and Kristin Benson
  • Nontextile and nonbasketry material culture / Tom D. Dillehay and Duccio Bonavia
  • Twined and woven artifacts. Part 1, Textiles / Jeffrey Splitstoser ; Part 2, Basketry and cordage from Huaca Prieta / Jeff Illingworth and J.M. Adovasio
  • Outlying domestic house mound sites / Greg Maggard and Tom D. Dillehay
  • Continuity, change, and the construction of the early Sangamon society / Tom D. Dillehay
  • Beyond matter to foundations and representations / Tom D. Dillehay
  • Appendices. 1. Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and chronology at Huaca Prieta / Mario Pino ; 2. Charcoal analysis / Isabel Rey ; 3. Marine shell analysis for seasonality / Teresa C.B. Franco ; 4. Chili pepper distribution and use / Katherine L. Chiou, Christine A. Hastorf, Víctor F. Vásquez, Teresa Rosales Tham, Duccio Bonavia, and Tom D. Dillehay ; 5. Maize analysis / Duccio Bonavia and Alexander Grobman ; 6. Dietary ecology, stable isotope, and dental microwear texture analysis / Larisa R.G. DeSantis, Tom D. Dillehay, Steven L. Goodbred Jr., and Robert S. Feranec ; 7. Phytolith analysis / José Iriarte and Jennifer Watling ; 8. Sand and salt samples from Huaca Prieta / Mario Pino ; 9. Starch grains / Dolores R. Piperno, Timothy Messner, and Irene Holst ; 10. Human skeletal remains from various excavations / Anne R. Titelbaum and John W. Verano ; 11. Pigment analysis / Jeff Illingworth, Jack Williams, and Michelle L. Farley ; 12. Pollen analysis / Linda Scott Cummings ; 13. Fish otoliths from Huaca Prieta / Elise Dufour, Olivier Trombret, and Philippe Béarez ; 14. Semele corrugata microstructure and oxygen isotope profiles as indicators of seasonality / Jeixin Wei, C. Fred T. Andrus, and Alberto Pérez-Huerta ; 15. Geophysical prospection at Huaca Prieta and Paredones / Phil Mink ; 16. Preliminary use-wear study of stone tools / Tom D. Dillehay ; 17. Estimating haplogroup affiliation through ancient mtDNA analysis from the Huaca Prieta burials / Tiffiny A. Tung, Jessica Blair, Marshal Summar, Raúl Tito, and Cecil Lewis ; 18. Soil chemistry analysis / [source, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Division of Regulatory Services
  • Soil Lab] ; 19. SEM-XRF analysis of green stone / Steven L. Goodbred Jr. and Tom D. Dillehay.