Police-community relations in times of crisis : decay and reform in the post-Ferguson era /

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Main Author: Deuchar, Ross.
Corporate Author: JSTOR (Organization)
Other Authors: Crichlow, Vaughn J., Fallik, Seth W.
Format: eBook
Published: Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2021
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Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover
  • Police-Community Relations in Times of Crisis: Decay and Reform in the Post- Ferguson Era
  • Copyright information
  • Table of contents
  • List of Tables and Boxes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Part I Introduction
  • 1 Policing, Communities, and the "Legitimacy Crisis": Context and Empirical Approaches
  • Cops in crisis? Ferguson, police legitimacy, and de-policing
  • Gangs, violence, and political and public concern about criminality
  • Focus for the book, research methods, and chapter summaries
  • Backdrop, aims, and purpose
  • Approaches to data collection and analysis
  • Chapter summaries
  • Contribution to the field
  • Part II Police-Community Relations in a New Era of Accountability and Change
  • 2 High-Profile Shootings, the Media, and Police Legitimacy
  • Police legitimacy and the confidence gap
  • The roots of racial injustice
  • Ferguson and the Department of Justice Report
  • Social media and collective action
  • Chapter summary
  • 3 The "Ferguson Effect" and Emergence of "De-policing"
  • The emergence of countermovements
  • The "war on police"?
  • Law enforcement accountability
  • Harm to officers
  • A galvanized police response
  • Impact of the Ferguson Effect
  • Chapter summary
  • 4 Proactive Policing of Gangs: Cops as "Guardians"
  • Reactive and proactive approaches to the policing of gang violence
  • Insights into proactive approaches in Palm State
  • People-changing, environment-changing "guardians" and "peace dealers"
  • Street dialogue, "surrogate parenting," and democratic policing
  • Outreach, education, and dialogical workshops
  • Chapter summary
  • 5 Reactive Policing of Gangs: Cops as "Warriors"
  • The warrior/guardian framework
  • Police militarization
  • Warrior policing in the "hood"
  • Warrior policing and gang suppression
  • Chapter summary
  • Part III Practitioner and Youth Insights on Police-Community Relations
  • 6 Police as "Guardians" and "Warriors": Non-Law Enforcement Insights
  • Racial minority men, gangs, violence, and the police
  • Insights from practitioners and from participant observation in Queen County
  • Young racial minority men, multiple disadvantage, and gangs
  • Young men and the police in racial minority communities
  • Reflections on proactive, community-centered policing approaches
  • Critical perspectives on community engagement and officer-youth dialogues
  • Police involvement and absence in outreach, early intervention, and prevention
  • Police focus on "guardians" and a remaining, entrenched "warrior" culture
  • Chapter summary
  • 7 The Post-Ferguson Era: The Lived Experiences of Young Men in Racial Minority Communities
  • Moving beyond practitioner perspectives: Interviews with young men
  • Adverse childhood experiences, gangs, morality, and risk management
  • Police discrimination, brutality, and repercussions from "warrior" approaches