Reptiles of Costa Rica a field guide

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Main Author: Leenders, Twan (Author)
Corporate Author: JSTOR (Organization)
Format: eBook
Published: Ithaca Hellbender Publishing/A Zona Tropical Press from Comstock Publishing Associates, an imprint of Cornell University Press 2019
Online Access:CONNECT
Table of Contents:
  • Reptiles of Costa Rica; Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Crocodilians; Family Alligatoridae; Family Crocodylidae; Turtles; Marine Turtles; Family Cheloniidae; Family Dermochelyidae; Freshwater Turtles; Family Chelydridae; Family Emydidae; Family Geoemydidae; Family Kinosternidae; Lizards and Snakes; Lizards; Infraorder Diploglossa; Family Anguidae; Family Diploglossidae; Infraorder Gekkota; Family Eublepharidae; Family Gekkonidae; Family Phyllodactylidae; Family Sphaerodactylidae; Infraorder Iguania; Family Corytophanidae; Family Dactyloidae; Family Iguanidae
  • Family PhrynosomatidaeFamily Polychrotidae; Infraorder Scincomorpha; Family Scincidae; Family Gymnophthalmidae; Family Teiidae; Family Xantusiidae; Snakes; Family Anomalepididae; Family Leptotyphlopidae; Family Typhlopidae; Family Boidae; Family Loxocemidae; Family Ungaliophiidae; Family Colubridae; Family Dipsadidae; Family Natricidae; Family Elapidae; Family Viperidae; Glossary; Bibliography; Photo Credits; Index