Street-gang and tribal-warrior autobiographies /

'Street-Gang and Tribal-Warrior Autobiographies' describes the similarities between the autobiographies of warrior tribes and of street gangs. Gangbangers were so alienated from the larger society that they reinvented something very similar to tribal-warrior cultures right in the heart of...

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Main Author: Brumble, H. David.
Format: eBook
Published: [Place of publication not identified] : Book Network Int'l Limited trading as NBN International (NBNi) : Anthem Press, 2018.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Front Matter; Half-title; Frontispiece; Title page; Copyright information; Dedication; Table of contents; List of figures; Preface; Chapter Int-12; Introduction; Street Gangs and Tribal Peoples; War Was Hell; Cross-Cultural Comparison; Chapter One TO Drink of Death: Tukup's Headhunter Autobiography and the Characteristics of Tribal-Warrior Autobiography; Tukup's People; Tukup's Autobiography; Chapter Two The Kinds of Street-Gang Autobiography; In the Life; Out of the Life; Autobiographies in the DMZ; Chapter Three The Bubble Reputation: Honor, Glory and Status Among the Warriors.
  • Tribal Honor-ReputationCompeting for Honor; Shaming: "The Meaner You Act, the Bigger Rep You Earn."; Maintenance of the Pecking Order; Booty: Honor in Material Form; Chapter Four Glory Manifest: Coup Tales, Warrior Boasts and Gangsta Rap; Occasions for Telling Coup Tales; Coup Tales in Performance; Coups Told in Other Ways; The Grading of Coups; Exaggeration and Authentication; Chapter Five Brutal Honesty; Chapter Six The Education of the Warrior; The Early Years in the Making of a Warrior; Warrior Education among the Meru; Initiation; Desensitization; Othering; Age-Set Rivalry.
  • Stories of Warrior YouthWarrior Games, Training in Arms; The Role of Stories in Warrior Education; Chapter Seven The Warrior Choice; Stories about the Warrior Choice; Warriors Make Their Choice Again and Again; The Choice of Fusiwe; The Warrior's Fear; A Change of Perspective; Chapter Eight Mona Ruiz's Two Badges: Women Warriors And Warriors' Women; Amazons; Other Women; Abduction, "Adoption" and Rape; Chapter Nine Sam Blowsnake and the Unfortunate Pottawatomie; Chapter Ten The Gangbanger Autobiography of Monster Kody (Aka Sanyika Shakur); Tale #1; Tale #2; Tale #3.
  • A Postscript: Kody's Mentor, Tookie WilliamsChapter Eleven Battle, Raid and Stratagem; Joseph Hoffman's Story of an Apache Battle; Raids; Warrior Stratagems; Chapter Twelve Berserks and the Tragedy of Warrior Individualism; A Change of Perspective; The Tragedy of Warrior Individualism; End Matter; Appendix A On Circumcision; Appendix B A List of all the Tribal Peoples and Street Gangs Mentioned in this Book; Annotated Bibliography; Africa; American Indian (North America) and Inuit; American Indian, South America; American Street Gangs; Arabia; Polynesia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines.