Adolescent Girls in Distress : a Guide for Mental Health Treatment and Prevention.

""Contemporary culture promotes a 'hot and sexy' diva image to girls, encouraging inner emptiness, depression, and even risk for self-injury, but Adolescent Girls in Distress is exactly 'what the doctor ordered'- a well-researched, thoughtful, and systematic antidote em...

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Main Author: Choate, Laura Hensley.
Format: eBook
Published: New York : Springer Publishing Company, 2014.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: Girl Power? Understanding Girls' Socialization Through the Lens of Popular Culture; Pressure One: Look Hot, Sexy, and Older Than You Are; Pressure Two: Be a Diva; Pressure Three: Who Are You?: Find Out by Plastering Yourself Online; Pressure Four: You Can Have It All, and Do It All Perfectly; Consequences of Current Trends for Girls' Development and Mental Health; Harms to Academic Performance; Harms to Mental Health; Conclusion; Resources.
  • Chapter 2: My World Is Spinning Upside Down: Family, Peer, School, and Developmental UpheavalsA Time of Flux for Adolescent Girls: Family, Peers, and Schools; Current Trends in Family Structure; Peer Group Transitions; School Transitions; Developmental Tasks of Adolescence; Task 1: Adjust to Sexually Maturing Bodies and Feelings; Task 2: Develop and Apply Abstract Thinking Skills; Task 3: Develop and Apply a More Complex Level of Perspective Taking; Task 4: Develop and Apply New Cognitive Skills Such as Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution.
  • Task 5: Identify Meaningful Moral Standards, Values, and Belief SystemsTask 6: Understand and Express More Complex Emotional Experiences; Emotion Identification; Emotion Expression; Emotion Regulation; Task 7: Form Friendships That Are Mutually Close and Supportive; Task 8: Establish Key Aspects of Identity; Task 9: Meet Demands of Increasingly Mature Roles and Responsibilities; Task 10: Renegotiate Relationships With Adults in Parenting Roles; Developmentally Based Counseling Strategies; Developmentally Based Counseling Strategies for Parents; Parenting Task 1: Love and Connect.
  • Parenting Task 2: Guide and LimitParenting Task 3: Monitor and Observe; Parenting Task 4: Model and Consult; Parenting Task 5: Provide and Advocate; Conclusion; Resources; Sites for Information About Girls' Puberty; Sites for Promoting Girls' Positive Development; Chapter 3: A Cloud of Hopelessness: Adolescent Girls and Depression; Conceptualization of Adolescent Girls' Depression; Diagnostic Features; Girls' Sociocultural Context; Gender Differences; Girls and Life Stressors; Interpersonal Vulnerability; Ethnicity and Culture; Family Influences.
  • Mental Health Treatment Approaches for Adolescent DepressionCBT Approaches for Depression in Adolescent Girls; General Components of CBT Treatment; Interpersonal Therapy for Adolescents; Theoretical Conceptualization of IPT-A; IPT-A Treatment Approach; Adaptations of IPT-A; Antidepressant Medications and Psychotherapy; Prevention of Adolescent Depression; Interpersonal Therapy: Adolescent Skills Training; Conclusion; Resources; Chapter 4: Weighted Down: Disordered Eating in Adolescent Girls; Risk Factors for Disordered Eating Onset; Sociocultural Theory; Social Comparison.