Alopecia : causes, diagnosis and treatment /

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Published: New York : Nova Biomedical, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., [2012]
Series:Dermatology--laboratory and clinical research series.
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Table of Contents:
  • ALOPECIA: CAUSES, DIAGNOSISAND TREATMENT; ALOPECIA: CAUSES, DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT; Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data; Contents; Preface; Chapter I: Radiation Treatment and Alopecia: Past and Present Concerns; Abstract; The Use of X-Rays to Induce Epilation; The Tinea Capitis (or Scalp Ringworm) Epilation Model; The Beauty Shops; Possible Side Effects Related to the Epilation Treatment; Alopecia as a Sequel of Radiological Interventions; Diagnostic/Therapeutic Techniques and Accidents Can Cause Alopecia; Radiation-Induced Alopecia
  • Clinical Features and Pathogenesis.
  • Prevention and Treatment of Radiation-Induced AlopeciaConclusion; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter II: Psychosocial Aspects in Alopecia Areata: Studies on Stress Involvement in Adults and Children; 1. Introduction; 2. Studies of Stress Involvement in Alopecia Areata in Children, Adults and Diffuse Alopecia in Children; 2.1. Study on Adults; 2.1.1. Demographics; 2.1.2. Stress Involvement; 2.2. Study on Children/Adolescents; 2.2.1. Demographics; 2.2.2. Stress Involvement; 3. Discussion; 3.1. Stress Involvement; 3.2. Psychiatric Symptomatology; 3.3. Quality of Life.
  • Conclusion and LimitationsReferences; Chapter III: The Power of the Gene: The Origin and Impact of Genetic Disorders; Abstract; 1. Introduction; 2. Epidemiology; 3. Classification; 4. Associated Disorders; Nail Change; Autoimmune Diseases; Atopic Dermatitis; Psychiatric disorders; 5. Genetic Factors; 6. Pathogenesis; 8. Treatment; Conclusion; References; Chapter IV: Alopecia Areata: Treatment Options; Abstract; Introduction; Treatment of Alopecia Areata; Corticosteroid Therapy; Topical Corticosteroids; Intralesional Corticosteroids; Systemic Corticosteroids; Photochemotherapy (PUVA)
  • Topical SensitizersAnthralin; Minoxidil; New Immunomodulatory Therapies; Topical Tacrolimus (Protopic); Topical Pimecrolimus (Elidel); Topical Cyclosporine A (Psorban); New Biologic Therapies; Liposomes; Miscellaneous Agents; Sulfasalazine; Inhibition of the Fas-Fasl System; Imiquimod; Bexarotene; Nonpharmacologic Methods; Laser Therapy; Cosmetic Treatments; Conclusion; References; Chapter V: The Genetic Basis of Alopecia Areata; Abstract; Introduction; Alopecia Areata and HLA Genes; Alopecia Areata and Non-HLA Genes; Conclusion; References; Index.