Engineering of chemical complexity /

This review volume, co-edited by Nobel laureate G Ertl, provides a broad overview on current studies in the understanding of design and control of complex chemical systems of various origins, on scales ranging from single molecules and nano-phenomena to macroscopic chemical reactors. Self-organizati...

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Other Authors: Mikhailov, Alexander S., Ertl, G.
Format: eBook
Published: Singapore : World Scientific, ©2013.
Series:World Scientific lecture notes in complex systems ; v. 11.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Analysis, design and control of complex chemical systems / Alexander S. Mikhailov and Gerhard Ertl
  • 2. Imaging and manipulation of single molecules by scanning tunneling microscopy / Leonhard Grill
  • 3. Self-organization at the nanoscale in far-from-equilibrium surface reactions and copolymerizations / Pierre Gaspard
  • 4. Single molecule and collective dynamics of motor protein coupled with mechano-sensitive chemical reaction / Mitsuhiro Iwaki [and others]
  • 5. Nanomotors propelled by chemical reactions / Raymond Kapral
  • 6. Biology of nanobots / Wentao Duan, Ryan Pavlick and Ayusman Sen
  • 7. Wave phenomena in reaction-diffusion systems / Oliver Steinbock and Harald Engel
  • 8. Self-oscillating polymer gels as smart materials / Ryo Yoshida
  • 9. Stochastic fluctuations and spontaneous symmetry breaking in the chemotaxis signaling system of dicyostelium cells / Tatsuo Shibata
  • 10. Mechanochemical oattern formation in the polarization of the one-cell C. elegans embryo / Justin S. Bois and Stephan W. Grill
  • 11. Synchronization of electrochemical oscillators / Mahesh Wickramasinghe and Istvan Z. Kiss
  • 12. Turbulence and synchrony in spatially extended electrochemical oscillators / Vladimir Garcia-Morales and Katharina Krischer
  • 13. Quorum sensing and synchronization in populations of coupled chemical oscillators / Annette F. Taylor, Mark R. Tinsley and Kenneth Showalter
  • 14. Collective decision-making and oscillatory behaviors in cell populations / Koichi Fujimoto and Satoshi Sawai
  • 15. Synchronization via hydrodynamic interactions / Franziska Kendelbacher and Holger Stark
  • 16. Emergence and selection of biomodules: steps in the assembly of a protocell / Susanna C. Manrubia and Carlos Briones
  • 17. From catalytic reaction networks to protocells / Kunihiko Kaneko
  • 18. Constructive approach towards protocells / Tadashi Sugawara, Kensuke Kurihara and Kentaro Suzuki
  • 19. Network reverse engineering approach in synthetic biology / Haoqian Zhang [and others].