The fire landscape : poems /

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Main Author: Fincke, Gary.
Format: eBook
Published: Fayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 2008.
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Table of Contents:
  • The Anomaly Museum; How the Good War Ended; Black Veils; The Sorrows; Queen for a Day; Drawing the Soul; The Fire Landscape; House Call; The Fluoroscope Era; Them!. . . and second big feature . . .Tarantula!; Dunce; The Coonskin Cap; The Horns of Guy Lombardo; While Salk Tested; Moonbows; Bomb Drill; Bad Time; Snickering like the Pharisees; Porch Moths; Watching the Tied Girl; The Privacy of the Hands; The Music of Ants; False Dawn; Filling in the Maps; Like Ours; Decorative Food; Houses with No Television; English Class Report: I Married a Monster from Outer Space.
  • The Theory of Dog ShitWhite Gloves; Skill; Glitter Stars; Woom! Ball; Girdles; Because It Was Always Summer; The Impossible; Kent, Ohio; Mother's Day, 1970; All Through May, 1970; The Summer After; Late August; After School Reopened; Winter: The Barter System; The Anniversaries; The Casual Slurs; History Bites; Something like the Attic; Love Poem for the Dying; The Ghosts in the Shelter; Such Places; The 1918 House; This; The Empowerment of Trust; Heavy Fog, December; The Pause in the Plummet for Prayer; Elegy: The Properties of Blood 1963; Miracles.
  • The Anomaly MuseumThe Anomaly Museum000The Fluoroscope EraHow the Good War Ended000 Black Veils000The Sorrows000Queen for a Day000Drawing the Soul000The Fire Landscape000House Call000The Fluoroscope Era000Them!. . . and second big feature ... Tarantula!000Dunce000The Coonskin Cap000The Horns of Guy Lombardo000The Salk YearsWhile Salk Tested000Moonbows000Bomb Drill000Bad Time000Snickering like the Pharisees000Porch Moths000Watching the Tied Girl000The Privacy of the Hands000The Music of Ants000False Dawn000Filling in the MapsFilling in the Maps000The ImpossibleLike Ours000Decorative F.