The current Nordic welfare state model /

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Other Authors: Veggeland, Noralv, 1941- (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Hauppauge, New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc., [2016]
Series:European political, economic, and security issues.
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245 0 4 |a The current Nordic welfare state model /  |c editor, Noralv Veggeland (Lillehammer University College, Norway). 
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264 1 |a Hauppauge, New York :  |b Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,  |c [2016] 
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490 1 |a European political, economic, and security issues 
500 |a Includes index. 
588 |a Description based on print version record and CIP data provided by publisher; resource not viewed. 
505 0 |a THE CURRENT NORDIC WELFARE STATE MODEL ; THE CURRENT NORDIC WELFARE STATE MODEL ; CONTENTS ; PREFACE ; Chapter 1 THE NARRATIVE OF THE NORDIC WELFARE STATE MODEL ; Abstract; International Reference to the Model; European Socioeconomic Models; The Nordic Welfare-State Socioeconomic Administrative Tradition; Comparing the Continental and the Anglo-Saxon Socioeconomic Administrative Traditions with the Nordic One; Labor-Market Policy -- A Comparative Approach; Economic Bias of the Nordic Socioeconomic Model; The Stagflation Crisis Changed Policies; The Nordic Model and Neoliberalism 
505 8 |a The Birth and Rise of Scandinavian Interest Groups and Corporatist Interest IntermediationIs the Scandinavian Model Withering Away?; Eurosclerosis or Necessary Adaptation?; Eurosclerosis?; Welfare expansion -- And Reform and Retrenchment; Clients' Groups; Voters, Interest Groups, and Parties; Mediatization of the Political Process; Internationalization; Waning Lights?; References; Chapter 4 ADMINISTRATIVE TRADITIONS AND THE PATTERNS OF HEALTH REFORMS IN SCANDINAVIA ; Abstract; Introduction; Traditions of Public Administration; The Scandinavian Health Systems 
505 8 |a Examples of Reform Initiatives and InnovationsEast-Nordic Reforms and Policy Initiatives; The Swedish Ädel Reform; Market-Oriented Reforms in Swedish Counties; Formation of Regions; West-Nordic Reforms and Policy Initiatives; The Norwegian Hospital Reform of 2002 and Later Reforms; The Danish Structural Reform of 2007; Discussion: Administrative Traditions and Reform Patterns; Reforms within the Existing Institutional Arrangement; Substantial Changes in the Health Systems; Conclusion; References 
505 8 |a Chapter 5 THE CLASH BETWEEN MARKET AND WELFARE STATE MODELS: EUROPEANIZATION OF NORDIC HEALTH SYSTEMS Abstract; Introduction; Europeanization and "Goodness of Fit"; The EU Market Model and Health System Governance; Nordic Health Systems; Europeanization of Nordic Health Systems; Analyzing the "Clash of Models"; Conclusion; References; Chapter 6 THE ROLE OF WELFARE TECHNOLOGY IN THE NORDIC WELFARE STATE ; Abstract; Definition and Emergence; Local Authorities under Pressure; LEVEL OF EXPECTATION; The Current Financial Situation; Future Challenges 
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650 0 |a Welfare state  |z Scandinavia. 
650 0 |a Public welfare  |z Scandinavia. 
651 0 |a Scandinavia  |x Social policy. 
651 0 |a Scandinavia  |x Politics and government. 
700 1 |a Veggeland, Noralv,  |d 1941-  |e editor. 
776 0 8 |i Print version:  |t Current Nordic welfare state model  |d Hauppauge, New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc., [2016]  |z 9781634851244  |w (DLC) 2016014509 
830 0 |a European political, economic, and security issues. 
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