Rings, modules, algebras and abelian groups : proceedings of the Algebra Conference--Venezia /

Rings, Modules, Algebras, and Abelian Groups summarizes the proceedings of a recent algebraic conference held at Venice International University in Italy. Surveying the most influential developments in the field, this reference reviews the latest research on Abelian groups, algebras and their repres...

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Other Authors: Facchini, Alberto., Houston, Evan, 1948-, Salce, Luigi.
Format: eBook
Published: New York : Marcel Dekker, 2004.
Series:Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics ; 236.
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Table of Contents:
  • Intro
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Participants to the Conference
  • Contributors
  • Additive Galois Theory of Modules
  • Finitely Generated and Cogenerated QD Groups
  • Direct Limits of Modules of Finite Projective Dimension
  • Classification of a Class of Almost Completely Decomposable Groups
  • A Polynomial Ring Sampler
  • The Picard Group of the Ring of Integer-valued Polynomials on a Valuation Domain
  • A Note on Cotilting Modules and Generalized Morita Duality
  • Dualities Induced by Cotilting Bimodules
  • Symmetries and Asymmetries for Cotilting Bimodules
  • A Constructive Solution to the Base Change Decomposition Problem in B(1)-groups
  • On a Property of the Adele Ring of the Rationals
  • On Strong Going-between, Going-down, and Their Universalizations
  • Factorization of Divisorial Ideals in a Generalized Krull Domain
  • Divisorial Multiplication Rings
  • Global Deformations of Lie Algebras
  • Maximal Prime Divisors in Arithmetical Rings
  • On Strongly Flat Modules over Matlis Domains
  • Group Identities on Unit Groups of Group Algebras
  • Forty Years of Commutative Ring Theory
  • Modules Induced from a Normal Subgroup of Prime Index
  • Uniquely Transitive Torsion-free Abelian Groups
  • Generalized E-Rings
  • Butler Modules and Bext
  • Remarks on the Multiplicative Structure of Certain One-dimensional Integral Domains
  • Non-finitely Generated Prime Ideals in Subrings of Power Series Rings
  • Rings with Finitely Many Orbits under the Regular Action
  • Projective Covers and Injective Hulls in Abelian Length Categories
  • Semigroup Rings that are Inside Factorial and their Cale Representation
  • Reduced Modules
  • The Mori Property in Rings with Zero Divisors
  • Minimal Prime Ideals and Generalizations of Factorial Domains
  • Factorizations of Monic Polynomials
  • Monotone Complete Ordered Fields, Generalized Power Series, and Integer Parts.
  • On Distance between Finite Rings
  • Affine Pairs
  • When a Super-decomposable Pure-injective Module over a Serial Ring Exists
  • Path Coalgebras of Quivers with Relations and a Tame-wild Dichotomy Problem for Coalgebras
  • On Central Galois Algebras of a Galois Algebra.