Shoshone tales /

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Other Authors: Smith, Anne M. 1900-1981., Hayes, Alden C.
Format: eBook
Published: Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, ©1993.
Series:University of Utah publications in the American West ; v. 31.
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Table of Contents:
  • Gosiute Tales. Controversy Over Death. Controversy Over Conditions of Life. How Fire Started. Coyote Marries His Daughters (1). Coyote and Sage Hen's Children. Owl's Widow. Coyote and Bear. Cottontail Shoots the Sun. Bat (1). Coyote and His White Relatives. Coyote Wins the White Man's Goods. Rolling Rock. Crow. Coyote and Crow (1). Spider Plays Hand Game. Coyote Plays Hand Game. Bat (2). Cannibal Giant. Bear and Fawns. Coyote and Crow (2). Eagle and Crow. Coyote and Mouse. Two Brothers. Coyote Races With Frog. Coyote and the Bear Cubs. Origin Tale. Creation of the Deep Creek Mountains. Coyote and Wildcat Disfigure Each Other. Council on Seasons. Theft of Pine Nuts. Giant Cannibal Bird. Coyote and the Trappers. Wolf and Coyote. Coyote Marries His Daughters (2)
  • Western Shoshone Tales. Coyote and Mouse. Cannibal Bird (1). Coyote Marries His Daughters. Coyote Eats His Own Penis. Porcupine Tricks Coyote. Tso'apittse (1). Bat (1). Coyote Races. Cannibal Brother. Man Taken Captive by Bear. Coyote and the Wood Tick. Cannibal Giant. Orion's Belt (1). Coyote and Fox. Coyote Wants to Be Chief. Weasel. Eagle Hunting. Water Babies (1). Comments from Anna Premo. Skeleton Ghost. Tso'apittse (2). Another Tso'apittse Tale. Theft of Pine Nuts (1). Bungling Host (1). Origin Tale (1). Coyote and Wolf. Eye Juggler. Coyote and Eagle. Rolling Rock (1). Cottontail and His Brother Shoot the Sun. Cannibal Bird (2). Bat (2). Chitawi. Rolling Rock (2). Orion's Belt (2). The Flood. Water Baby. Rat and His Mother-in-law. Council on Seasons. Bungling Host (2). Coyote Avenges Bear's Death. Big Dipper. Man and Ugly Girl. Coyote Gets Racehorses by a Trick. Wolf Replaces Coyote's Eyes. Owl's Widow. Alligators. Owl Kills Birds by Naming Them. Coyote and Turtle. Wolf and Coyote Battle With Bears. Devil-Wife. Coyote and the Devil. Ghost. Race to Koso Springs. Coyote Learns to Fly (1). Coyote Avenges Wolf's Death. Cannibal Bird (3). Tso'apittse (3). Bee Steals Food. Cannibal Gambler. Easy or Difficult Life. Theft of Pine Nuts (2). Chicken Hawk. Origin Tale (2). Coyote and His Daughter. Theft of Pine Nuts (3). Origin Tale (3). Tso'apittse (4). Another Tso'apittse Tale. Bat (3). Origin Tale (4). Coyote Learns to Fly (2). Si-ets. The Cannibal Bluebirds. Watoavic. Water Babies (2). Theft of Fire. Cottontail Shoots the Sun. Antelope Hunting.