Algebras, rings and their representations : proceedings of the International Conference on Algebras, Modules and Rings, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-18 July 2003 /

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Corporate Author: International Conference on Algebras, Modules and Rings Lisbon, Portugal)
Other Authors: Facchini, Alberto.
Format: Conference Proceeding eBook
Published: Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, ©2006.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • António Almeida Costa
  • Conference participants
  • Contributors
  • Some coreflective categories of topological modules / Alina Alb
  • Inheritance of primeness by ideals in Lie triple systems / A.J. Calderón Martín and M. Forero Piulestán
  • A geometric approach to four-dimensional absolute valued triple systems / Antonio J. Calderón Martín and Cándido Martín González
  • Divisible modules with respect to a Torsion theory / Iuliu Crivei and Septimiu Crivei
  • The globalization problem for inner automorphisms and Skolem-Noether theorems / Jeremy Haefner and Ángel del Río
  • Krull monoids and their application in module theory / Alberto Facchini
  • Infinite progenerator sums / Alberto Facchini and Lawrence S. Levy
  • The moduli space and versal deformations of three dimensional Lie algebras / Alice Fialowski
  • Quadratic algebras of skew type / Eric Jespers and Jan Okniński
  • Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings (introduction) / Lee Klingler and Lawrence S. Levy
  • Corner ring theory: a generalization of Peirce decompositions, I / T.Y. Lam
  • Units, principal primes, and generalizations of factoriality / Peter Malcolmson and Frank Okoh
  • Algebra associated with the principal block of category [symbol] for [symbol]([symbol]) / František Marko
  • Noncommutative projective schemes and point schemes / Izuru Mori
  • Quasideterminants and right roots of polynomials over division rings / Barbara L. Osofsky
  • Certains résultats sur une extension minimale / Mohamed Oukessou
  • *-Identities in matrix superalgebras with superinvolution* / Tsetska Grigorova Rashkova
  • Structure and representations of conformal algebras / Alexander Retakh
  • Actions of tori and finite fans / Sonia L. Rueda
  • Homologically induced [symbol](l, 2)-modules / José Carlos de Sousa Oliveira Santos
  • Injective dimension relative to a torsion theory / Patrick F. Smith
  • Structure theorems on countably compact rings / M. Ursul.