An introduction to medical ethics : patient's interest first /

Throughout history, men have repeatedly made judgments regarding their own conduct and that of their fellow men. Some acts have been judged to be right or good, while other acts have been denounced as wrong or evil. Ethical judgment in medicine, as in other areas of life, is an attempt to distinguis...

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Main Author: Lim, Arthur Siew Ming.
Format: eBook
Published: Singapore : World Scientific, ©2008.
Edition:2nd ed.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Introduction; What is Ethics?; The Ethical Code and Medical Registration; The Power of Medical Knowledge; Ethics Important for Practising Clinicians; History; Review of Doctors' Conduct; Ethics and Medical Advances; Social Transformation; Teaching Medical Ethics
  • or Punishment!; What makes a good doctor?; A doctor does not only deliver quality care
  • he promotes excellence.; When I was a medical student, ; The changes are necessary because we have become wealthier, our patients more demanding.; What of medicine in Singapore?; Today, we have to stay competitive.
  • How is an excellent reputation created? How do we recognize medical excellence?Experience would mean that doctors need to follow a good leader, a good doctor or a good surgeon, and to follow him through 10, 20 or 100 procedures.; It is important to know values.; New technology, which is essential for advancement, will continue to be introduced in Singapore. This is exciting
  • doing lung operations through 2 cm incisions, taking out the gall bladder with small incisions. However, we have to be careful and evaluate the outcome.
  • A good doctor must know that before he carries out any procedure, the age-old medical adage must prevail: "First of all, do no harm."A good doctor must maintain healthy relationships with his colleagues, his patients and the society in which he lives and serves.; Respecting their teachers and acknowledging and praising the excellence of their colleagues are issues doctors should address.; In ancient society, the doctor was regarded as a supernatural figure as he grappled with the serious and mysterious forces of disease and health.
  • Some important current issues of medical ethics: It would be wise for doctors not to ignore the national problem of costs for good health care. It is clear that in our inflationary society with an aging population, costs will spiral. The medical professions in several countries generated considerable controversy when they liberalized advertisement.; There are of course problems. Who decides? Who can advertise? In what way? How often? What if the statements are untrue?