Oracle 11g Streams implementer's guide : design, implement, and maintain a distributed environment with Oracle Streams /


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Main Author: McKinnell, Ann L. R.
Other Authors: Yen, Eric.
Format: eBook
Published: Birmingham, U.K. : Packt Pub., ©2010.
Series:From technologies to solutions.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Authors; About the Reviewers; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: All the Pieces: The Parts of an Oracle 11g Streams Environment; Streams architecture overview; Topology configurations; Single source; Multiple source; Simultaneous versus Synchronous replication; Oracle's Streams replication process flow; Streams components; About those Queues; Capture process-what are we supposed to stream?; Downstream Capture; Synchronous Capture; Instantiation; What sets the instantiation SCN and when?; Propagate process; The Network: COMLINK
  • Propagation success/failurePropagation Stream Split and Merge; Apply process; Trigger firing and Apply; Combined Capture and Apply; SCN Coordination-keeps it flowing smoothly; The SCNs of Capture; FIRST_SCN; START_SCN; REQUIRED_CHECKPOINT_SCN; CAPTURED_SCN; APPLIED_SCN; MAXIMUM_SCN; LAST_ENQUEUED_SCN; SOURCE_RESETLOGS_SCN; MAX_CHECKPOINT_SCN; The SCNs of Propagation; The SCNs of Apply; IGNORE_SCN; MAXIMUM_SCN; OLDEST_SCN_NUM; Low-watermark SCN; SCN SYNC-hronization; Capture checkpointing; Archive Log availability; LCRs-what they are and how they work; Extracting data from an LCR
  • Conflict detection and the LCRControlling conflict detection; Types of LCRs and how they get created; Oracle 11g memory and storage architecture (basic) relating to Streams; A word on performance; Streams Change tables; Oracle GoldenGate XSTREAMS; Summary; Chapter 2: Plot Your Course: Design Considerations; Why?; What?; Where?; Who and How?; When and How?; Other factors to consider; Network capabilities; Transaction sizes; Potential queue growth; Additional hardware resource requirements; Administration and maintenance costs; Third party application requirements; Security; Change auditing
  • Platform and version compatibilityKISS; Design aid: Streams site matrix; The Matrix template; Summary; Chapter 3: Prepare the Rafts and Secure Your Gear: The pre-work before configuring Oracle 11g Streams; Network connectivity; Check the waterways; Configure the Oracle Net ""Current""; Configure the database; Initialization parameters; Logging features; Archive logging; Supplemental logging; Forced logging; Separate tablespaces; LogMiner tablespace; Streams Administration tablespace; Streams users and privileges; Trusted Streams Administrator user configuration
  • Untrusted Streams capture, propagation, and apply user configurationStreams Administration user; Capture user; Propagation user; Apply user; Database links; Trusted versus untrusted configurations; Understanding your Instantiation tools; Using Data Pump to Instantiate; Setting Instantiation SCN manually; Oracle Demo Schemas; Summary; Chapter 4: Single-Source Configuration; The stream flows one way: Downhill; The Enterprise Manager; Setup options; Schedule Streams setup job; Verify; The code behind the curtain; Checking the waters; Diving in