Oracle 11g Streams implementer's guide : design, implement, and maintain a distributed environment with Oracle Streams /


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Main Author: McKinnell, Ann L. R.
Other Authors: Yen, Eric.
Format: eBook
Published: Birmingham, U.K. : Packt Pub., ©2010.
Series:From technologies to solutions.
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100 1 |a McKinnell, Ann L. R. 
245 1 0 |a Oracle 11g Streams implementer's guide :  |b design, implement, and maintain a distributed environment with Oracle Streams /  |c Ann L.R. McKinnell, Eric Yen. 
260 |a Birmingham, U.K. :  |b Packt Pub.,  |c ©2010. 
300 |a 1 online resource (vi, 332 pages) :  |b illustrations. 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a computer  |b c  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a online resource  |b cr  |2 rdacarrier 
490 1 |a From technologies to solutions 
500 |a Includes index. 
520 8 |a Annotation  |b From smaller businesses through to huge enterprises _ users all over the world often require access to data 24 hours a day. Distributed database systems proliferate the world of data sharing providing an ability to access real-time data anywhere, anytime. Oracle Streams, a built-in feature of the Oracle database, is a data replication and integration feature critical to the success and wellbeing of enterprises in today's fast moving economy. This book provides the reader with solid techniques to master Oracle Streams technology and successfully deploy distributed database systems.<br /><br />This book quickly goes over the basics and gets you up and running with a simple Oracle 11g Streams environment. It will serve as an excellent companion to the Oracle Streams Administration Guide. It is intended for Oracle database architects and administrators, and provides in-depth discussion on must-know information for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an Oracle Streams environment.<br /><br />The book does not attempt to regurgitate all the information in the Oracle Streams Administration Guides, but rather provides additional clarification and explanation of design, implementation, and troubleshooting concepts that are often elusive in Streams documentation. It also identifies helpful tools and Oracle resources to add to your knowledge base, as well as tried and tested tricks and tips to help you tame Oracle Streams.<br /><br />The book starts by introducing and explaining the components of Oracle Streams and how they work together. It then moves on logically, helping you to determine your distributed environment requirements and design your Streams implementation to meet those requirements. Once these concepts are discussed, the book moves to configuration and basic implementation examples to help solidify those concepts. It then addresses advanced features such as tags, down-stream capture, and conflict resolution. You then move on to maintenance techniques such as documenting the environment, effectively planning and implementing changes to the environment, and monitoring and troubleshooting the environment. When you have studied the techniques and completed the hands-on examples, you will have an understanding of Oracle Streams' core concepts and functionally that will allow you to successfully design, implement, and maintain an Oracle Streamed environment. 
505 0 |a Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Authors; About the Reviewers; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: All the Pieces: The Parts of an Oracle 11g Streams Environment; Streams architecture overview; Topology configurations; Single source; Multiple source; Simultaneous versus Synchronous replication; Oracle's Streams replication process flow; Streams components; About those Queues; Capture process-what are we supposed to stream?; Downstream Capture; Synchronous Capture; Instantiation; What sets the instantiation SCN and when?; Propagate process; The Network: COMLINK 
505 8 |a Propagation success/failurePropagation Stream Split and Merge; Apply process; Trigger firing and Apply; Combined Capture and Apply; SCN Coordination-keeps it flowing smoothly; The SCNs of Capture; FIRST_SCN; START_SCN; REQUIRED_CHECKPOINT_SCN; CAPTURED_SCN; APPLIED_SCN; MAXIMUM_SCN; LAST_ENQUEUED_SCN; SOURCE_RESETLOGS_SCN; MAX_CHECKPOINT_SCN; The SCNs of Propagation; The SCNs of Apply; IGNORE_SCN; MAXIMUM_SCN; OLDEST_SCN_NUM; Low-watermark SCN; SCN SYNC-hronization; Capture checkpointing; Archive Log availability; LCRs-what they are and how they work; Extracting data from an LCR 
505 8 |a Conflict detection and the LCRControlling conflict detection; Types of LCRs and how they get created; Oracle 11g memory and storage architecture (basic) relating to Streams; A word on performance; Streams Change tables; Oracle GoldenGate XSTREAMS; Summary; Chapter 2: Plot Your Course: Design Considerations; Why?; What?; Where?; Who and How?; When and How?; Other factors to consider; Network capabilities; Transaction sizes; Potential queue growth; Additional hardware resource requirements; Administration and maintenance costs; Third party application requirements; Security; Change auditing 
505 8 |a Platform and version compatibilityKISS; Design aid: Streams site matrix; The Matrix template; Summary; Chapter 3: Prepare the Rafts and Secure Your Gear: The pre-work before configuring Oracle 11g Streams; Network connectivity; Check the waterways; Configure the Oracle Net ""Current""; Configure the database; Initialization parameters; Logging features; Archive logging; Supplemental logging; Forced logging; Separate tablespaces; LogMiner tablespace; Streams Administration tablespace; Streams users and privileges; Trusted Streams Administrator user configuration 
505 8 |a Untrusted Streams capture, propagation, and apply user configurationStreams Administration user; Capture user; Propagation user; Apply user; Database links; Trusted versus untrusted configurations; Understanding your Instantiation tools; Using Data Pump to Instantiate; Setting Instantiation SCN manually; Oracle Demo Schemas; Summary; Chapter 4: Single-Source Configuration; The stream flows one way: Downhill; The Enterprise Manager; Setup options; Schedule Streams setup job; Verify; The code behind the curtain; Checking the waters; Diving in 
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700 1 |a Yen, Eric. 
776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a McKinnell, Ann L.R.  |t Oracle 11g Streams implementer's guide.  |d Birmingham, U.K. : Packt Pub., ©2010  |z 9781847199706 
830 0 |a From technologies to solutions. 
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