2005 : past meets present in astronomy and astrophysics : proceedings of the 15th Portuguese National Meeting, University of Lisbon & Lisbon Astronomical Observatory 28-30 July 2005 /

This volume considers recent theoretical and observational developments in astronomy and astrophysics with contributions on solar system bodies, extrasolar planets, star formation, galaxy evolution and cosmology. A special section is dedicated to the history of astronomy including papers on the hist...

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Corporate Authors: Portuguese Meeting on Astronomy and Astrophysics Lisbon, Portugal), Universidade de Lisboa., Observatório Astronómico de Lisboa.
Other Authors: Afonso, José.
Format: Conference Proceeding eBook
Published: Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, ©2006.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Modern Astrophysics
  • Evolution of the spin of Mercury and its capture into the 3/2 spin-orbit resonance
  • Trans-Neptunian Objects and Associated Families: confronting colors, correlations and evolution models
  • The origin of the spins of Kuiper Belt objects
  • Magnetic Turbulence in the solar wind and the earth's plasma sheet
  • The structure revealed by Spitzer in NGC 2264
  • Recent Results on Interstellar Turbulence
  • Asteroseismology and Variability of Young Stars
  • On the problem of magnetic braking
  • A first step for Automatic Stellar Parameter Determination
  • Giant Transiting Planets Observations
  • Probing the structure and atmospheres of extra-solar planets
  • What's going on in Canis Major?
  • Study of three galaxy clusters at intermediate redshifts
  • Modelling the Warm Absorber in NGC 3783 with the TITAN code
  • Astrophysical Tests of Fundamental Physics
  • Gamma Ray Bursts as Cosmological Probes
  • Braneworld cosmology: sneutrino inflation and leptogenesis
  • XCS
  • Current Status
  • Deep radio observations in the CDFS/GOODS field: optical and X-ray identifications
  • The nature of the optical faint sub-millijansky radio sources: the VLT/VIMOS view
  • AMS
  • a magnetic spectrometer on the international space station
  • History of Astronomy
  • The legacy of Sacrobosco: Tractatus de Sphaera
  • Astronomical and Geophysical Activities in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) during 1781-88 by Bento Sanches Dorta
  • Comparison between Monteiro da Rocha and Wilhelm Olbers' Methods for the determination of the orbits of comets
  • The 1870 Portuguese solar eclipse expedition
  • a preliminary report
  • The Science Palaces
  • The astronomer/instrument maker Campos Rodrigues and the contribution of the Observatory of Lisbon for the 1900-1901 solar parallax programme
  • The Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon
  • Time Service and Legal Time in Portugal
  • Documents of the OAL's architecture.