Gaia in turmoil : climate change, biodepletion, and earth ethics in an age of crisis /

Essays link Gaian science to such global environmental quandaries as climate change and biodiversity destruction, providing perspectives from science, philosophy, politics, and technology.

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Other Authors: Crist, Eileen, 1961-, Rinker, H. Bruce.
Format: eBook
Published: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©2010.
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Table of Contents:
  • One grand organic whole / Eileen Crist and H. Bruce Rinker
  • Our sustainable retreat / James Lovelock
  • How the biosphere works / Tyler Volk
  • Water Gaia : 3.5 thousand million years of wetness on planet earth / Stephan Harding and Lynn Margulis
  • Gaia and evolution / Timothy M. Lenton and Hywel T.P. Williams
  • Forest systems and Gaia theory / H. Bruce Rinker
  • Gaia and biodiversity / Stephan Harding
  • Global warming, rapid climate change, and renewable energy solutions for Gaia / Donald W. Aitken
  • Gaia's freshwater : an oncoming crisis / Barbara Harwood
  • Deep time lags : lessons from Pleistocene ecology / Connie Barlow
  • From the land ethic to the earth ethic : Aldo Leopold and the Gaia hypothesis / J. Baird Callicott
  • Principles of Gaian governance : a rough sketch / Karen Litfin
  • In the depths of a breathing planet : Gaia and the transformation of experience / David Abram
  • Sustainability and an earth operating system for Gaia / Tim Foresman
  • The Gaian generation : a new approach to environmental learning / Mitchell Thomashow
  • Gaia theory : model and metaphor for the twenty-first century / Martin Ogle
  • Neocybernetics of Gaia : the emergence of second-order Gaia theory / Bruce Clarke
  • Intimations of Gaia / Eileen Crist
  • Gaia going forward / Eugene Linden.