Conrad's Heart of Darkness : a Critical and Contextual Discussion.

This book offers a detailed discussion of Conrad's most brilliant and problematic work. Many significant aspects of Heart of Darkness are examined, from plot and characterisation to imagery and symbolism, and particular attention is paid to its ambiguity and paradoxes. By relating the text to a...

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Main Author: Watts, Cedric Thomas.
Format: eBook
Published: Amsterdam : Editions Rodopi, 2012.
Series:Conrad studies.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface to the Second Edition; Acknowledgements to the First Edition; 1. Introduction; 2. Reflections on the Title; i. Ambiguity; ii. Darkness and Solar Death; iii. The Antipathetic Fallacy; 3. The ""Oblique Narrative"" Convention and the Tale's Opening; i.; (a) Uses of the Convention; (b) Analysis of a Complex Example; (c) The Principle of Entanglement: A Contrast with'An Outpost of Progress'; ii. The Opening; iii. Marlow's Preamble; 4. Marlow's Narrative (I); i; (a) The Company's Headquarters; (b) Literary Allusions: The Æneid.
  • Ii. The Congo and the Work Ethic5. Marlow's Narrative (II); i; (a) The Voyage down the African Coast; (b) Absurdist Descriptive Techniques: A List; ii. The Outer Station; iii. The Journey from the Outer Station to the Central Station; iv. The Central Station; v. The Evolutionary Theme; vi. The Journey from the Central Station to the Inner; vii; (a) The Inner Station; the Return; and the Character of Kurtz; (b) The Harlequin; (c) The Intended; (d) The Aftermath; 6. Various Themes: Linguistic, Moral, Psychologicaland Philosophical; i. Linguistic; (a) Functionary Titles.
  • (B) Jargon and Cliché: language which can veil or falsifyreality and may thus sanction brutalityii. Atavistic Psychlogy and Satanic Mysticism
  • Nordau and Russell; iii. The Virtue of Evil; iv. The Night Joumey Theory; v. Solipsism and Determinism; 7. Conclusion; Notes; Index.