Modeling language, cognition and action : proceedings of the ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, University of Plymouth, UK, 8-10 September 2004 /

This volume collects together peer reviewed versions of most of the papers presented at the Ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW9), held in 2004 at the University of Plymouth (England). The conference invited submissions on neural computation models of all cognitive and psychologic...

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Corporate Authors: Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop Plymouth, England), World Scientific (Firm)
Other Authors: Cangelosi, Angelo, 1967-, Bugmann, Guido., Borisyuk, Roman.
Format: Conference Proceeding eBook
Published: Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., ©2005.
Series:Progress in neural processing ; 16.
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111 2 |a Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop  |n (9th :  |d 2004 :  |c Plymouth, England) 
245 1 0 |a Modeling language, cognition and action :  |b proceedings of the ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, University of Plymouth, UK, 8-10 September 2004 /  |c editors, Angelo Cangelosi, Guido Bugmann, Roman Borisyuk. 
260 |a Singapore ;  |a Hackensack, N.J. :  |b World Scientific Pub. Co.,  |c ©2005. 
300 |a 1 online resource (xiii, 422 pages) :  |b illustrations. 
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490 1 |a Progress in neural processing ;  |v 16 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and author index. 
505 0 |a Introduction. Modeling language, cognition and action : from connectionist simulations to embodied neural cognitive systems / Angelo Cangelosi -- Language, perception and action. Lessons from the embodiment of language : why simulating human language comprehension is hard / Arthur M. Glenberg. Associative neural models for biomimetic multi-modal learning in a mirror neuron-based robot / Stefan Wermter, Cornelius Weber and Mark Elshaw. Grounding language in perception : a connectionist model of spatial terms and vague quantifiers / Angelo Cangelosi [and others]. Structured connectionist models of language, cognition and action / Nancy Chang, Jerome Feldman and Srini Narayanan. Predicting the effect of slightly complex utterances / Michael Klein and Kenji Doya. An associative model of cortical language and action processing / Andreas Knoblauch, Heiner Markert and Guenther Palm -- Categorization and language. Carving nature at its joints and carving joints into nature : how labels augment category representations / Gary Lupyan. Language as an aid to categorization : a neural network model of early language acquisition / Marco Mirolli and Domenico Parisi -- Language processing. A connectionist evaluation of schemes to measure difficulty of words based on their phonological structure / Jennifer Hayes and Peter Howell. Sentence comprehension without propositional structure / Stefan L. Frank. Emergence of linguistic features : independent component analysis of contexts / Timo Honkela, Aapo Hyvèarinen and Jaakko Vèayrynen. Latent linguistic codes for morphemes using independent component analysis / Krista Lagus, Mathias Creutz and Sami Virpioja. A neural network model for natural language : the case of homonymy / Eleni Koutsomitopoulou. Dynamic representation of stack- and queue-like syntactic structures / Andre Grèuning. The active role of proper names : evidence from neural network experiments and philosophy of language considerations / Barbara Giolito -- Cooperation and communication. Emergence of communication in embodied agents : co-adapting communicative and non-communicative behaviours / Davide Marocco and Stefano Nolfi. Estimating intentions of others for imitation and cooperation / Norikazu Sugimoto, Kenji Doya and Mitsuo Kawato -- Motor representations and cognition. Mental representations and cognitive behaviour : a recurrent neural network approach / Sirnone Kèuhn and Holk Cruse. Spatial cognition in action-SCA model : children's gestural imagery in action / Marilyn Panayi and D.M. Roy. Evolving a simulated robotic arm able to grasp objects / Gianluca Massera, Stefano Nolfi and Angelo Cangelosi. Is language necessary to merge geometric and non-geometric spatial cues? The case of the "Blue- Wall Task" / Michela Ponticorvo and Orazio Miglino -- Attention and perception. A neurocognitive theory of attentional modulation of spread of activation / Eddy J. Davelaar. Modelling the attentional blink / Howard Bowman and Bradley Wyble. A model of spatial and object-based attention for active visual search / Linda Lanyon and Susan Denham. Hemispheric asymmetries in the neglect syndrome : a computational study / Andrea Di Ferdinando [and others]. An oscillatory neural model for tracking a moving object / Yakov B. Kazanovich and Roman M. Borisyuk. Selective attention and action in an artificial, evolved agent : reactive inhibition / Robert Ward and Ronnie Ward. A proposed model of repetition blindness / Colm G. Connolly and Ronan G. Reilly -- Cognitive processing and control. Modelling the slow emotional Stroop effect : suppression of cognitive control / Bradley Wyble, Dinkar Sharma and Howard Bowman. Evidence of modularity from primate errors during task learning / Joanna J. Bryson. Accounting for episodic, semantic and procedural memory in the recommendation archtecture cognitive model / L. Andrew Coward. Can self-control be explained through games? / Gaye Banfield and Chris Christodoulou. An investigation of the myopia for future consequences theory of VMF patient behaviour on the Iowa gambling task : an abstract neural network simulation / Kiran Kalidindi, Howard Bowman and Bradley Wyble -- Face processing and classification. Recognition of pain expressions / Peter J.B. Hancock [and others]. Global and feature based gender classification of faces : a comparison of human performance and computational models / Samarasena Buchala [and others] -- Developmental processes. A neural network investigation of the head preference : problems Explaining Empirical Results by bottom-up processes alone / Martial Mermillod [and others]. Children's causal inferences as revealed by backwards blocking tasks : a memory self-refreshing neural networks account / Serban C. Musca -- Neural network methodology. Embryological modelling of the evolution of neural architecture / Chris P. Bowers and John A. Bullinaria. Evolving neural networks that suffer minimal catastrophic forgetting / Tebogo Seipone and John A. Bullinaria. Improving cell assembly categories by fatigue / Christian Huyck and Hina Ghalib. Comparing computational and human measures of visual similarity / Tim M. Gale [and others]. Psychological ALife : bridging the gap between mind and brain. Enactive distributed associationism and transient localism / Anthony F. Morse -- Future challenges : thinking and reasoning. Modelling thinking and reasoning : the challenge ahead / Jonathan St B T Evans. 
520 |a This volume collects together peer reviewed versions of most of the papers presented at the Ninth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW9), held in 2004 at the University of Plymouth (England). The conference invited submissions on neural computation models of all cognitive and psychological processes. The special theme of this year's workshop was "Modeling of Language, Cognition and Action". This topic had the aim to extend the conference appeal from the connectionist psychology community to leaders in neuroscience, robotics and cognitive systems design. The chapters cover the breadth of research in neural computation and psychology, with numerous papers that focus on language modeling, this year's special theme. The book includes chapters from internationally renowned researchers in the various fields of cognitive psychology (such as Art Glenberg and Jonathan Evans) as well as computer science and robotics (such as Stefan Wermter & Stefano Nolfi). The proceedings have been selected for coverage in : Neuroscience Citation Index[symbol]; Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings[symbol] (ISTP[symbol] / ISI Proceedings); Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings); Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings[symbol] (ISSHP[symbol] / ISI Proceedings); Index to Social Sciences & Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings); CC Proceedings - Engineering & Physical Sciences; and CC Proceedings - Biomedical, Biological & Agricultural Sciences. 
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700 1 |a Cangelosi, Angelo,  |d 1967- 
700 1 |a Bugmann, Guido. 
700 1 |a Borisyuk, Roman. 
710 2 |a World Scientific (Firm) 
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830 0 |a Progress in neural processing ;  |v 16. 
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