Collected works of Shinya Inoue : microscopes, living cells, and dynamic molecules.

This book collects the publications of Shinya Inouâe, pioneering cell biophysicist and winner of the 2003 International Prize for Biology. The articles cover the discovery, and elucidate the behavior in living cells, of the dynamic molecular filaments which organize the cell and play a central role...

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Main Author: Inoue, Shinya.
Corporate Author: World Scientific (Firm)
Format: eBook
Published: Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., ©2008.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Compressorium design (in Botany & Zoology, 1943)
  • 2. Stereoscopic apparatus (Japanese Patent, 1944) with note added in 2006
  • 3. Birefringence vs. length and contraction of single muscle fiber (unpublished, 1947)
  • 4. Cover slip thickness gauge (unpublished, 1951)
  • 5. Birefringence of the dividing cell (with Dan K, in J Morphol, 1951) with note added in 2006
  • 6. Introduction to doctoral thesis (unpublished, 2006)
  • 7. Thesis pt. I. Introduction and description of Shinya Scope-2 (unpublished, 1951)
  • 8. Thesis pt. II. Depolarization of light by microscope optics (in Exp Cell Res, 1952)
  • 9. Thesis pt. III. Device for measuring retardation in small objects (in Exp Cell Res, 1951)
  • 10. Thesis pt. IV. Birefringence of mitotic spindle in living cells (in Chromosoma, 1953)
  • 11. Thesis pt. V. Effect of colchicine on spindle structure (in Exp Cell Res, 1952)
  • 12. Thesis pt. VI. Discussion: Sub-microscopic structure of living spindle (unpublished, 1951)
  • 13. Effect of low temperature on spindle birefringence (in Biol Bull, 1952) with note added in 2006
  • 14. Rectification of polarizing microscope optics (with Hyde W.L., in J Biophys Biochem Cytol, 1957)
  • 15. Diffraction anomaly in polarizing microscopes (with Kubota H., in Nature, 1958)
  • 16. Motility of cilia and mechanism of mitosis (in Rev Mod Phys, 1959)
  • 17. Diffraction images in polarizing microscopes (with Kubota H., in J Opt Soc Am, 1959)
  • 18. Maximizing sensitivity of polarizing microscopes (in "The Encyclopedia of Microscopy" 1961)
  • 19. Birefringence in endosperm mitosis (with Bajer A., in Chromosoma, 1961)
  • 20. Heavy water enhancement of spindle birefringence (with Sato H. and Tucker R.W., in Biol Bull, 1963)
  • 21. Rapid exchange of [symbol] and [symbol] in sea urchin eggs (with Tucker R.W., in Biol Bull, 1963)
  • 22. Organization and function of the mitotic spindle (in "Primitive Motile Systems in Cell Biology," 1964)
  • 23. Heavy water counteracts effect of Colcemid on spindle (with Sato H. and Ascher M., in Biol Bull, 1965)
  • 24. DNA arrangement in living sperm (with Sato H., in "Molecular Architecture in Cell Physiology," 1966)
  • 25. Cell motility by labile association of molecules (with Sato H., in J Gen Phys, 1967) with note added in 2006
  • 26. Reversal by light of Colcemid action on spindle (with Aronson J., in J Cell Biol, 1970)
  • 27. Physical chemistry of microtubules in vivo (with Fuseler J. et al., in Biophys J, 1975)
  • 28. Microtubular origin of spindle form birefringence (with Sato H. and Ellis G.W., in J Cell Biol, 1975)
  • 29. Crystal property of spicules in sea urchin pluteus (with Okazaki K., in Dev Growth Differ, 1976)
  • 30. Mitosis in Barbulanympha-I: spindle structure, formation and kinetochore engagement (with Ritter H. and Kubai D., in J Cell Biol, 1978)
  • 31. Mitosis in Barbulanympha-II: two-stage anaphase, nuclear morphogenesis, and cytokinesis (with Ritter H., in J Cell Biol, 1978)
  • 32. Chromosome movement accelerated by UV microbeam irradiation of spindle fiber (with Gordon G.W., in J Cell Biol, 1979) with note added in 2006
  • 33. Axostyle motility in Pyrsonympha (with Langford G.M., in J Cell Biol, 1979) with note added in 2006
  • 34. Video enhancement of polarization-based microscope images (in J Cell Biol, 1981)
  • 35. Cell division and the mitotic spindle
  • a review (in J Cell Biol, special issue, 1981)
  • 36. Anoxia-induced gradient of cleavage inhibition (with Potrebic B et al., in J Cell Biol, 1982) with note added in 2006
  • 37. Acrosomal reaction in Thyone sperm-I: observation with high-resolution video microscopy (with Tilney L.G., in J Cell Biol, 1982)
  • 38. Acrosomal reaction in Thyone sperm-II: kinetics and mechanism (with Tilney L.G., in J Cell Biol, 1982)
  • 39. Acrosomal reaction in Thyone sperm-III: actin assembly and water influx (with Tilney L.G., in J Cell Biol, 1985)
  • 40. Polarized light microscopy in biology: an introduction (Appendix III, in "Video Microscopy," 1986)
  • 41. Methods for microscopic observation of live gametes and embryos (with Lutz D.A., in "Methods in Cell Biology," 1986)
  • 42. Stereoscopic high-resolution light microscopy (with Inoue T.D., in Ann NY Acad Sci, 1986) with note added in 2006
  • 43. Asters in unequal cleavage of molluscs (with Dan K., in Intl J Repro and Develop, 1987)
  • 44. Automatic correction of spherical aberration in high NA microscope objectives (with Knudson R.A. and Inoue T.D., in J Cell Biol, 1987)
  • 45. Micromanipulation of Chaetopterus spindle (with Lutz D.A. and Hamaguchi Y., in Cell Motil Cytoskel, 1988)
  • 46. The living spindle (in Zool Sci, 1988)
  • 47. Super-resolution by video microscopy (in "Methods in Cell Biology" 1989)
  • 48. Asymmetry of UV-microbeam severed microtubule ends (with Walker R.A. and Salmon E.D., in J Cell Biol, 1989)
  • 49. Fertilization and ooplasmic movement in Phallusia eggs (with Sardet C. et al., in Development, 1989)
  • 50. Analysis of edge birefringence (with Oldenbourg R., in Biol Bull, 1989) with note added in 2006
  • 51. Dynamics of mitosis and cleavage (in "Cytokinesis: mechanism of furrow formation during cell division," 1990)
  • 52. Microtubule breakdown in vivo visualized by high-speed video (with Febvre J. et al., in Abstract of IX Intl Congr Protozool, 1993)
  • 53. Image sharpness in confocal microscopy (with Oldenbourg R. et al., in J Microscopy, 1993)
  • 54. Ultra-thin optical sectioning and volume investigation with non-confocal microscopy (in "Three-Dimensional Confocal Microscopy" 1994)
  • 55. Recollection of Kayo Okazaki (in Develop Growth & Differ, 1994) with note added in 2006
  • 56. A tribute to Katsuma Dan (in Biol Bull, 1994)
  • 57. Foundations of confocal microscopy (in "Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy" 2nd ed., 1995)
  • 58. Force generation by assembly/disassembly of microtubules (with Salmon E.D., in Mol Biol Cell, 1995)
  • 59. High-resolution test targets (with Oldenbourg R. et al., in "Nanofabrication and Biosystems" 1996)
  • 60. Amoeboid movement in Dictyostelium (with Fukui Y., in Cell Motil Cytoskel, 1997)
  • 61. Photodynamic effect on Eosin-B-stained sperm (with Tran P. and Burgos M.H., in Biol Bull, 1997)
  • 62. Video essay: polarization microscopy of microtubule dynamics in mitotic spindle (with Oldenbourg R., in Mol Biol Cell, 1998)
  • 63. Windows to dynamic fine structures, then and now (in FASEB J, 1999)
  • 64. How well can amoeba climb? (with Fukui Y. et al., in Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 2000)
  • 65. EM of fertilization-induced changes in stratified Arbacia eggs (with Burgos M. and Goda M., in Biol Bull, 2000)
  • 66. Centrifuge polarizing microscope-I: design and performance (with Knudson R.A. et al., in J Microscopy, 2001)
  • 67. Centrifuge polarizing microscope-II: biological applications (with Goda M. and Knudson R.A., in J Microscopy, 2001)
  • 68. CPM with dual specimen chambers and injection ports (with Knudson R.A. and Goda M., in Biol Bull, 2001) with note added in 2006
  • 69. Theory, measurements and rectification of polarization aberrations (with Shribak M. and Oldenbourg R., in Opt Eng, 2002)
  • 70. Fluorescence anisotropy of GFP crystals (with Shimomura O. et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2002)
  • 71. Biological polarization microscopy (in "Current Protocols in Cell Biology," 2002)
  • 72. Direct-view high-speed confocal scanner: CSU-10 (with Inoue T.D., in "Methods in Cell Biology," 2002)
  • 73. Address by Emperor Akihito and acceptance speech by Shinya Inoue: International Prize for Biology (2003)
  • 74. Orientation-independent DIG microscopy (with Shribak M., in Applied Optics, 2006)
  • 75. Direct observation of red blood cells during centrifugation (with Hoffman J.F., in Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2006).