When young people with intellectual disabilities and autism hit puberty : a parents' Q&A guide to health, sexuality and relationships /

Puberty, personal hygiene, and sex can be difficult topics to broach with your child, especially when they have an intellectual disability or autism. The authors of this guide provide honest answers to challenging questions and provide solutions to the dilemmas that many parents face on a daily basi...

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Main Author: Brown, Freddy Jackson.
Other Authors: Brown, Sarah., Hastings, Richard P. (author of introduction.), James, Andrew (Illustrator) (Illustrator)
Format: eBook
Published: London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016.
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Table of Contents:
  • Intro; When Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty by Freddy Jackson Brown and Sarah Brown; Foreword; 1. The Importance of Sex Education; 2. Why read this book? Healthy Development and Keeping Safe; 3. Biology, Bodies and Growing Up With Intellectual Disabilities; 4. Bodies ; 5. Behaviour; 6. Feelings; 7. Relationships; 8. Young People, Sex and the Law; 9. Relationships and Sex Education ; References; Sex education in the UK; Child development, sexuality and disability; Why is it difficult to talk about sex?; Sexual abuse and 'thinking the unthinkable'
  • Principles for keeping safe To talk or not to talk ... ; The biology of puberty; Puberty for children with intellectual disabilities; 4.1 I'm worried about my child starting puberty. What can I do to help?; 4.2 How do I help my child to keep clean and wash properly?; 4.3 My child has a grown up body. Should I still be helping with intimate care?; 4.4 Acne, spots and skincare: Helping my child look after their skin; 4.5 My son's body odour is getting stronger. What should I do?; 4.6 How do I help my child learn to use the toilet independently?
  • 4.7 What should I do when my son has erections when I change his continence pad?4.8 My daughter is growing pubic hair, what should I do?; 4.9 My son is growing facial hair, what should I do?; 4.10 How do I teach my daughter to use sanitary pads?; 4.11 What should I do about wet dreams, soiled pyjamas and bedding?; Resources; 5.1 My son keeps talking about women's bodies. What can I do?; 5.2 My son keeps trying to masturbate, but doesn't know how: What can I do?; 5.3 My daughter keeps masturbating in public
  • rubbing herself against things
  • what can I do?
  • 5.4 My child touches other people inappropriately, what can I do?5.5 My son likes dressing up in women's clothes. What should I do?; 5.6 My child wants to use pornography. What should I do?; 5.7 My son thinks everyone on the Internet is his best friend. How do I keep him safe?; 5.8 My son is sexually interested in feet/nappies/phones, etc. What should I do?; 5.9 Sexting, nude selfies and social media: How do I keep my child safe?; 5.10 What issues might my child have around body image and physical differences?; Resources.
  • 6.1 I'm worried my child is vulnerable to abuse. What can I do?6.2 How do I help my child express their feelings?; 6.3 My daughter seems very moody, what can I do?; 6.4 Teenage emotional states
  • childhood to adulthood
  • what can I expect?; 6.5 My child wants a girlfriend/boyfriend, but I'm worried they'll be rejected. How can I help?; Resources; 7.1 How do I teach my child what makes a friend?; 7.2 My daughter's got a boyfriend/girlfriend, what's going on?; 7.3 Will my child ever be able to get married?; 7.4 How much choice and control should I give my child? ; Resources.