Super Tuesday : regional politics and presidential primaries /

Super Tuesday 1988 was the first successful attempt to get several states in one region to hold their presidential primaries on the same day. Its success -- or lack thereof -- will affect the way presidents are elected for many years to come. Reaching beyond Super Tuesday and the nominations of Geor...

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Main Author: Norrander, Barbara, 1954-
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Published: Lexington : The University Press of Kentucky, ©2015.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Half-title; Title; Copyright; Contents; Acknowledgments; 1. Reforming the Reforms: Super Tuesday in a Historical Perspective; PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS IN THE 1980s; REFORMING THE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION PROCESS; NATIONAL POLITICAL TRENDS; STATE PARTIES AND LEGISLATURES; MEDIA; TECHNOLOGY; CANDIDATE STRATEGIES; BIASES IN THE 1980s NOMINATION SYSTEM; REGIONAL PRIMARY REFORMS; Benefits of Regional Primaries; Criticisms of Regional Primaries; CREATING SUPER TUESDAY; SUMMARY; 2. The Structure of the 1988 Campaign; STRUCTURING THE PLAYING FIELD; The Election Calendar; The 1988 Calendar.
  • The RulesThe Demographic Base of Super Tuesday; THE PLAYERS; Presidential Candidates and Their Assets; The Active Candidates in 1988; THE RESOURCES OF THE CANDIDATES; SUMMARY; 3. Candidates' Strategies: Iowa, New Hampshire, & Super Tuesday; CANDIDATE STRATEGIES IN 1988; CANDIDATES DEFEATED BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY; Alexander M. Haig, Jr The Anti-Bush Candidate; Pierre S. ""Pete"" du Pont IV: The Alternative to the Alternative to Bush; Bruce E. Babbitt: All His Eggs in the Iowa Basket; CANDIDATES LIMPING INTO SUPER TUESDAY; Jack E Kemp: The Third Alternative to the Alternative to Bush.
  • Paul Simon: Nice Guys Finish Second, Sometimes ThirdGary Hart: The Candidate of the Future Burns Up on Reentry; CONTENDERS AT THE MAIN EVENT:ON THE DEMOCRATIC SIDE . . .; Richard A. Gephardt: ""The Campaign That Was Eaten by Iowa""; Albert Gore, Jr: The Candidate from the South?; Jesse Jackson: The Rainbow Coalition over Fifty States; Michael Dukakis: New Hampshire and Four Corners for Super Tuesday; AND ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE . . .; Robert Dole: The Alternative to Bush; Marion G. ""Pat"" Robertson: The Man Who Would Be a Statesman; George Bush: The Man Inside the Invisible Circle.
  • GOALS AND STRATEGIESEFFECTS OF SUPER TUESDAY ON CANDIDATE ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES; CHANGING PATTERNS OF CAMPAIGN RESOURCE ALLOCATION; SUMMARY; 4. Participation in Presidential Primaries; TURNOUT IN PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES; Effects of Rules and Scheduling on Turnout; Potential Effects of Candidate Strategies on Turnout; CHANGES IN TURNOUT RATES; Causes of Turnout Change; COMPOSITION OF THE ELECTORATE; Demographic Composition; Religion; Partisan and Ideological Composition; Issue Representativeness; Candidate Representativeness; SUMMARY; 5. Vote Choice.
  • MOMENTUM AND CANDIDATE PREFERENCES ON SUPER TUESDAYIDEOLOGY AND THE VOTE; ISSUES AND THE VOTE; CANDIDATE QUALITIES AND THE VOTE; DEMOGRAPHICS AND THE VOTE; SUMMARY; 6. Winning the Nomination; TIME AND WINNING THE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION; Attrition of Candidates; Jumping on Candidates' Bandwagons; Accumulation of Delegates; Winning the Nomination; THE SOUTH'S INFLUENCE ON PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS; Media Coverage of Super Tuesday; The South's Influence at Democratic Conventions; Southern Choices and Presidential Nominations; SUMMARY; 7. Super Tuesday: Success or Failure?