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Main Author: Hajičová, Eva (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Czech Republic : Charles University, Karolinum Press, [2017]
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Contents; Foreword; Bibliographical Notes; 1. Underlying Syntactic Structure; Foreword; Agentive or Actor/Bearer?; Remarks on the Meanings of Cases; 2. Topic-Focus Articulation and Related Issues; Foreword; Vilém Mathesius and Functional Sentence Perspective, and Beyond; Negation and Topic vs. Comment; On Pressupposition and Allegation; Questions on Sentence Prosody Linguists Have Always Wanted to Ask; Surface and Underlying Word Order; The Ordering of Valency Slots from a Communicative Point of View; How Many Topics/Foci?; Rhematizers Revisited.
  • 3. Theoretical Description Reflected in Corpus AnnotationForeword; Theoretical Description of Language as a Basis of Corpus Annotation: The Case of Prague Dependency Treebank; What We Have Learned from Complex Annotation of Topic-focus Articulation in a Large Czech Corpus; 4. Beyond the Sentence Boundary; Foreword; Focussing
  • A Meeting Point of Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence; Contextual Boundness and Discourse Patterns Revisited; 5. Comparison with Other Approaches; Foreword; Functional Sentence Perspective and the Latest Developments in Transformational Grammar.
  • A Note on the Order of Constituents in Relation to the Principles of GB theoryPossibilities and Limits of Optimality in Topic-Focus Articulation; The Position of TFA (Information Structure) in a Dependency Based Description of Language; Appendix: A Glimpse Back at Historical Sources; Foreword; Some Experience with the Use of Punched-card Machines for Linguistic Analysis; A Functional Generative Description (Background and Framework); Abstrakt; Abstract; Bibliography.