The Karoo : ecological patterns and processes /

The succulent and Nama-karoo form part of the arid south-western zone of Africa, a vast region of rugged landscapes and low treeless vegetation. Studies of this unique biome have yielded fascinating insights into the ecology of its flora and fauna. This book, originally published in 1999, is the fir...

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Other Authors: Dean, W. Richard J. 1940- (Editor), Milton, Suzanne J. 1952- (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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Table of Contents:
  • pt. 1. Biogeographic patterns and the driving variables / S.J. Milton and W.R.J. Dean
  • The climate of the karoo : a functional approach / P.G. Desmet and R.M. Cowling
  • Soils of the arid south-western zone of Africa / M.K. Watkeys
  • Palaeoenvironments / M.E. Meadows and M.K. Watkeys
  • Plant biogeography, endemism and diversity / R.M. Cowling and C. Hilton-Taylor
  • Biogeography, endemism and diversity of animals in the karoo / C.J. Vernon
  • pt. 2. Form and function / B.G. Lovegrove
  • Form and function in perennial plants / G.F. Midgley and F. van der Heyden
  • Functional aspects of short-lived plants / M.W. van Rooyen
  • Plant reproductive ecology / K.J. Esler
  • Animal form and function / B.G. Lovegrove
  • Animal foraging and food / W.R.J. Dean and S.J. Milton
  • pt. 3. Dynamics / P.A. Novellie
  • Population level dynamics / S.J. Milton, R.A.G. Davies and G.I.H. Kerley
  • Community patterns and dynamics / A.R. Palmer, P.A. Novellie and J.W. Lloyd
  • Modelling populations and community dynamics in karoo ecosystems / K. Kellner and J. Booysen
  • Spatially explicit computer simulation models : tools for understanding vegetation dynamics and supporting rangeland management / F. Jeltsch, T. Wiegand and C. Wissel
  • pt. 4. Human impacts / W.R. Siegfried
  • Hunters and herders in the karoo landscape / A.B. Smith
  • Historical and contemporary land use and the desertification of the karoo / M.T. Hoffman [and others]
  • Alien plant invaders of the karoo : attributes, impacts and control / S.J. Milton, H.G. Zimmermann and J.H. Hoffmann
  • pt. 5. Comparisons. Comparison of ecosystem processes in the Nama-karoo and other deserts / W.G. Whitford
  • The succulent karoo in a global context : plant structural and functional comparison with North American winter-rainfall deserts / K.J. Esler, P.W. Rundel and R.M. Cowling
  • The karoo : past and future / S.J. Milton and W.R.J. Dean.