Oral Traditions in Ethiopian Studies /

This volume contains a collection of essays, some of which were first presented at a panel on Oral Traditions in Ethiopian Studies held at the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Derre Dawa in September 2012. The panel asked to investigate the proposition that, in the history of Et...

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Main Author: Meckelburg, Alexander.
Other Authors: Dege-Müller, Sophia., Bustorf, Dirk.
Format: eBook
Published: Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018.
Series:Aethiopica. Supplements.
Online Access:CONNECT
Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title; Imprint; Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; DIRK BUSTORF, ALEXANDER MECKELBURG, SOPHIA DEGEMÜLLER: Introduction: Oral Traditions in Ethiopian Studies; MANUEL JOÃO RAMOS: Castle Building in Seventeenth Century Gondär (Ethiopia); ANAÏS WION: Memory and Oblivion in the History of Gonǧ Monastery (1670-1750): The Paradoxes of ,Qǝbat' Historiography; HANNA RUBINKOWSKAANIOŁ: Between Oral and Written Tradition: A Vision of the State during the Times of Ḫaylä Śǝllase I
  • ÉLOI FICQUET: The Life and Deeds of Ras Wädaǧe, Lord of Amhara from ,c'.1720 to 1760: Edition of an Oral Account Recorded by Arnauld d'Abbadie in the 1840sSILVIA BRUZZI: Gendering Italian ProIslamic Policy in Ethiopia (1936-1941) through the Prism of Oral and Visual Sources; DIRK BUSTORF: Religious Identity Claims and Historical Consciousness in Myths of Origin among the Gurage, Ethiopia; FESSEHA BERHE: The Dobʼa in Light of Oral Traditions from Eastern and Southern Tǝgray; CHIKAGE OBASMIDT: Poetry and Oral Historiography: An Analysis of the ,Boorana Oral Chronicle' in Southern Ethiopia
  • The Origin of Two Argobba Villages in South-Eastern Wällo: The Tradition of ,Abbayye' Kulubas and ,Abbayye' Fäqi AḥmädECHI CHRISTINA GABBERT: Journey in Translation or Translating Silences: Reflections on the Documentation and Interpretation of Oral Sources; FELIX GIRKE: The Triangle of Orality: On Language, Culture, and Fieldwork in South Omo; MEZGEBU BELAY: Feuding and the 'Myth of Masculinity' as Expressed through the Traditional Verbal Arts in Eastern Goǧǧam, Amhara Region; BAYLEYEGN TASEW: The Mythically Modelled Human-Environment Tradition of the Maǧaŋgir Society, South-Western Ethiopia