Summary:This collection of 49 documents, all in English, discusses the Central Mexican Postclassic tradition in the highlands of Central Mexico from around 1300 BP to 479 BP, the time of the Spanish conquest. No one document provides an overview of the entire Postclassic tradition, although several provide descriptions of various subtraditions. Berdan reconstructs Aztec culture in the period immediately preceding the Conquest (1519-1520). Smith examines the lives of commoners between the formation of the Triple Alliance in 1428 and the arrival of the Spaniards in 1519. Diehl writes about the Toltecs and their capital of Tula. Healan summarizes some of the more commonly agreed-upon aspects of Toltec civilization, using the accounts of Sahagún. Several documents report on the rural Aztec village of Cihuatecpan in the Teotihuacan valley. These are the results of the 1984 field season and include discussions of the houses and features excavated, the archaeological methods used, how the village fits within its environmental and historical setting, the lithic artifacts, and the preliminary results of flotation analysis. Other documents discuss various aspects of the site of Tula, including the environmental setting of the Tula region, previous archaeological research at the site, and the goals of the archaeological research program by the University of Missouri for their field work. Healan presents a detailed synopsis of the house remains, stratigraphy, and an analysis of the Central and West house group compounds found at the Canal Locality, northeast of Tula Grande. Stocker and Healan describe the two structures found in the East Group of buildings at the Canal Locality. Mandeville and Healan discuss the architectural remains found at the El Corral Locality. Healan and Stoutamire describe the surface survey of the Tula urban zone. Other topics covered include the development of urbanism at Tula, life at Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco, excavations at Yautepec (an Aztec city in Morelos), excavations of a house at Chalcatzingo and plant remains recovered from nearby Caves 2 and 8, and the site of the Epiclassic period city-state of Xochicalco in western Morelos. Three documents are bibliographies on Cihuatecpan, Tula, and Xochicalco respectively.
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