Fifty common birds of the upper Midwest /

Annotation No bird is common, if we use "common" to mean ordinary. But birds that are seen more commonly than others can seem less noteworthy than species that are rarely glimpsed. In this gathering of essays and illustrations celebrating fifty of the most common birds of the Upper Midwest...

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Main Author: Gardner, Dana.
Other Authors: Overcott, Nancy.
Format: eBook
Published: Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, ©2006.
Series:Bur oak book.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction; Wood Duck; Ruffed Grouse; Wild Turkey; Great Blue Heron; Turkey Vulture; Bald Eagle; Sharp-shinned Hawk; Red-tailed Hawk; American Kestral; Killdeer; American Woodcock; Mourning Dove; Black-billed Cuckoo; Eastern Screech-Owl; Barred Owl; Whip-poor-will; Ruby-throated Hummingbird; Belted Kingfisher; Red-bellied Woodpecker; Downy Woodpecker; Northern Flicker; Pileated Woodpecker; Eastern Phoebe; Eastern Kingbird; Red-eyed Vireo; Blue Jay; Tree Swallow; Barn Swallow; Black-capped Chickadee; Tufted Titmouse; White-breasted Nuthatch; House Wren; Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  • Eastern BluebirdAmerican Robin; Gray Catbird; Cedar Waxwing; American Redstart; Ovenbird; Eastern Towhee; Field Sparrow; Song Sparrow; White-throated Sparrow; Northern Cardinal; Rose-breasted Grosbeak; Indigo Bunting; Bobolink; Red-winged Blackbird; Baltimore Oriole; American Goldfinch; Recommended Reading; Basic Field Guides to Birds; Index