Birds of Kruger National Park.

South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the largest and most iconic conservation areas in Africa. Habitats range from wide-open savannah and rugged thornveld to broadleaved mopani woodland. This microhabitat variation gives Kruger a phenomenal diversity of some 520 bird species, half of w...

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Main Author: Barnes, Keith.
Other Authors: Behrens, Ken.
Format: eBook
Published: Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2016.
Series:Princeton University Press (WILDGuides) Ser.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; The region; About this book; The seasons and timing your visit; The habitats; Map showing the distribution of habitats in Kruger National Park; Map of Kruger National Park and adjacent private concession areas forming the Greater Kruger National Park conservation area; Introduction to the species accounts; BIRDS OF RIVERS AND WETLANDS; Cormorants and darter; Wetland herons; Wetland white egrets; Small wetland herons; Wetland storks; Wetland storks and Hamerkop; Spoonbill and Ibis; Geese and grebe; Geese and atypical ducks; Typical ducks.
  • Rails and crakesStrange waterbirds; Lapwings; Shorebirds; Aquatic kingfishers; Birds associated with watersides and adjacent scrub; BIRDS OF PLAINS AND OPEN WOODLANDS; Ostrich, terrestrial herons and ibises; Terrestrial herons and terrestrial storks; Spurfowl and guineafowl; Kori Bustard; Terrestrial lapwings and thick-knees; Hoopoe and sandgrouse; Little brown jobs or 'LBJs'; Starling and chats; Shrikes; BIRDS OF BROADLEAVED WOODLAND AND CAMPS; Francolins; Smaller bustards; Small doves; Collared doves; Go-away-bird and cuckoos; Green cuckoos; Mousebirds; Medium-sized woodland kingfishers.
  • Bee-eatersRollers; Woodhoopoes; Hornbills; Barbets; Honeyguides; Woodpeckers; Black woodland birds; Common camp residents; Streaky ground-dwellers; Other ground-dwellers; Canopy gleaners; Thornveld inhabitants; Flycatchers; Bush-shrikes; Helmet-shrikes and Southern White-crowned Shrike; Starlings; Glossy-starlings; Oxpeckers; Sunbirds; Weavers; Weavers and quelea; Bishop and widows; Waxbills; Whydahs; Indigobird, canary and buntings; BIRDS OF FORESTS AND RIVERINE THICKET; Guineafowl and turaco; Fruit-eaters; Canopy specialists; Forest greenbuls; Robin-chats; Other small forest birds.
  • Southern BoubouBIRDS OF PREY AND VULTURES; Vultures in flight; Larger birds of prey in flight; Secretarybird and vultures; Vultures; Brown eagles; Large and distinctive eagles; Hawk-eagle and Bateleur; Crowned eagle and snake-eagles; Falcons; Kestrel and hawks; Kites and harrier-hawk; BIRDS OF THE AIR; Swifts; Swallows; NIGHT BIRDS; Nightjars and barn owl; Small owls; Large owls; Pel's Fishing-Owl; Further reading and online resources; Acknowledgements and photographic credits; Scientific names of the bird species included in this book; Index.