The portable Milton /

Includes some prose works.

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Main Author: Milton, John, 1608-1674.
Format: Book
Published: Harmondsworth, Eng. ; New York : Penguin Books, 1976, 1977 printing, ©1949.
Series:Viking portable library.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Bibliography
  • Chronology
  • Early poems, 1628-1640: At a vacation exercise in the college (extract)
  • Elegy V: on the coming of spring
  • Song: on May morning
  • Elegy VI: I'o Charles Diodati, visiting in the country
  • On the morning of Christ's nativity
  • On Shakespeare
  • L'Allegro
  • Il Penseroso
  • Arcades
  • Sonnet VII: how soon hath time
  • Comus
  • Lycidas
  • Lament for damon
  • II:Proseworks and sonnets, 1642-1658: The reason of church government urged against prelaty (extract)
  • An apology for smectymnuus (extract)
  • Of education
  • Areopagitica
  • Second defence of the english people (extracts)
  • Sonnets: VIII: when the assault was intended to the city
  • X: to the Lady Margaret Ley
  • XI: on the detraction which followed upon my writing certain treatises
  • XII: on the same ("I dud but prompt the age")
  • on the new forcers of conscience under the long parliament
  • XIII: to Mr. H. Lawes, on his airs
  • XV: On the lord General Fairfax at the siege of Colchester
  • XIX: when I consider how my light is spent
  • XVI: to the lord General Cromwell
  • XVII: To Sir Henry Vane the younger
  • XVIII: on the late massacre in Piemont
  • XX: Lawrence, of virtuous father virtuous son
  • XXI: Cyriack, whose grandshire on the royal bench
  • XXII: to Mr. Cyriack Skinner upon his blindness
  • XXIII: methought I saw my late espoused saint
  • The major poems: Paradise lost
  • Paradise regained
  • Samson agonistes
  • Glossary of words and proper names.