Classics of international relations : essays in criticism and appreciation /

"Classics of International Relations introduces, contextualises and assesses 24 of the most important works on international relations of the last 100 years. Providing an indispensable guide for all students of IR theory, from advanced undergraduates to academic specialists, it asks why are the...

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Other Authors: Bliddal, Henrik.
Format: Book
Published: Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2013.
Table of Contents:
  • List of contributors
  • Introduction / Henrik Bliddal, Casper Sylvest and Peter Wilson
  • A pillar of air? : Norman Angell and The great illusion / Torbjørn L. Knutsen
  • A democratic critique of the state : G. Lowes Dickinson's The European anarchy / Jeanne Morefield
  • Attacking Hitler in England : patriarchy, class and war in Virginia Woolf's Three guineas / Peter Wilson
  • Power, morality and the remaking of international order : E. H. Carr's The twenty years' crisis / Peter Wilson
  • A new politics for a global age : David Mitrany's A working peace system / Lucian M. Ashworth
  • Politics between and beyond nations : Hans J. Morgenthau's Politics among nations / Nicolas Guilhot
  • The enduring logic of the three images : Kenneth N. Waltz's Man, the state, and war / Brian C. Schmidt
  • The conditions and consequences of globality : John H. Herz's International politics in the atomic age / Casper Sylvest
  • Realism meets historical sociology : Raymond Aron's Peace and war / Bryan-Paul Frost
  • Towards a liberal realism : Inis L. Claude's Power and international relations / J. Samuel Barkin
  • The joke's on you : international relations and Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove / Henrik Bliddal
  • The virtue of uncertain advice : Rober Jervis' Perception and misperception in international politics / Shiping Tang
  • Proving the institutional fabric of world politics : Hedley Bull's The anarchical society / Andrew Hurrell
  • A circumspect revival of liberalism : Robert O. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye's Power and interdependence / Thomas C. Walker
  • The politics of international theory : reading Waltz 1979 as a classic / Anders Wivel
  • The cosmopolitan turn : beyond realism and statism in Charles R. Beitz's Political theory and international relations / William Smith
  • Obligations beyond the state : Andrew Linklater's Men and citizens in the theory of international relations / Richard Devetak and Juliette Gout
  • The making of IR/IPE : Robert W. Cox's Production, power and world order / Randall Germain
  • Gendering geopolitics, gendering IR : Cynthia Enloe's Bananas, beaches and bases / Alexandra Hyde and Marsha Henry
  • The limits of international relations : R. B. J. Walker's Inside/outside : international relations as political theory / Tom Lundborg and Nick Vaughan-Williams
  • The state has a mind : Alexander Wendt's Social theory of international politics / Alan Chong
  • A modest realist in a tragic world : John J. Mearsheimer's The tragedy of great power politics / Brian C. Schmidt
  • Interrogating the suspect : Errol Morris's The fog of war / Casper Sylvest
  • Restraint in the global polity, the remix : Daniel Deudney's Bounding power / Brent J. Steele
  • Conclusion / Henrik Bliddal, Casper Sylvest and Peter Wilson
  • Index.