Fairy tales framed : early forewords, afterwords, and critical words /

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Other Authors: Bottigheimer, Ruth B.
Format: Book
Published: Albany : State University of New York Press, c2012.
Table of Contents:
  • An introduction to fairy tales
  • Giovanni Boccaccio, The genealogy of the pagan gods (begun circa 1350)
  • The literary fairy tale in Italy
  • Giovan Francesco Straparola, The pleasant nights (1551,1553)
  • Andrea Calmo, "Letter to Signora Frondosa" (1556)
  • Girolamo Bargagli, Dialogue on games that are played during the Sinese Vegile (1572, written 1563)
  • Giambattista Basile, The tale of tales (dedication for day 1, 1634)
  • Girolamo Brusoni, The glories of the incogniti, or the illustrious men of the academy of the "unknown gentlemen" (1647)
  • Pompeo Sarnelli, foreword to Giambattista Basile's Pentamerone (1674) and foreword to An outing to Posillipo (1684)
  • Bartolomeo Lupardi, "dedicatory letter to Signor Giuseppo Spada" (1679)
  • Maddalena and Teresa Manfredi, and Teresa and Angila Zanotti, The gossip on the chair (1742)
  • Ferdinando Galiani, On the Neapolitan dialect (1779)
  • Luigi Serio, The fart. Response to on the Neapolitan dialect (1780)
  • Fairy tales and fairyland fictions in France
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