Handbook of health psychology and behavioral medicine /

"Providing a state-of-the-science overview of theory, research, and practice at the interface of psychology and health, this comprehensive volume brings together leading experts from multiple disciplines. The book explores how health and health behaviors are shaped by a wide range of psychologi...

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Other Authors: Suls, Jerry M., Davidson, Karina W., Kaplan, Robert M. 1947-
Format: Book
Published: New York : Guilford Press, c2010.
Table of Contents:
  • I. Health Psychology in the Context of Medicine and Theory
  • 1. The Great Debate on the Contribution of Behavioral Interventions / Robert M. Kaplan and Karina W. Davidson
  • 2. The Biopsychosocial Model and the Use of Theory in Health Psychology / Jerry Suls, Tana Luger, and René Martin
  • II. Psychological Foundations of Health Psychology
  • 3. Emotions and Stress, William R. Lovallo
  • 4. Cognitive and Affective Influences on Health Decisions / Angela Fagerlin, Ellen Peters, Alan Schwartz, and Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher
  • 5. Specifying the Determinants of People's Health Beliefs and Health Behavior: How a Social Psychological Perspective Can Inform Initiatives to Promote Health / Marc T. Kiviniemi and Alexander J. Rothman
  • 6. Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology: Toward an Integrated Perspective on Health / Perry M. Nicassio, Melanie A. Greenberg, and Sarosh J. Motivala
  • 7. Contributions of Personality to Health Psychology / Howard S. Friedman and Margaret L. Kern
  • 8. Anger, Anger Expression, and Health / Padmini Iyer, Maya Rom Korin, Laura Higginbotham, and Karina W. Davidson
  • 9. Developmental Influences in Understanding Child and Adolescent Health Behaviors / Dawn K. Wilson, Sara St. George, and Nicole Zarrett
  • 10. Adult Development, Aging, and Gerontology / Ilene C. Siegler, Karen Hooker, Hayden B. Bosworth, Merrill F. Elias, and Avron Spiro
  • 11. Animal Models in Health Psychology Research / Daniel A. Nation, Neil Schneiderman, and Phillip M. McCabe
  • 12. All Roads Lead to Psychoneuroimmunology / Christopher L. Coe
  • III. Contributions of Other Sciences to Health Psychology
  • 13. Behavioral Epidemiology / Robert M. Kaplan
  • 14. Depression and Illness / Madeline Li and Gary Rodin
  • 15. Self-Direction toward Health: Overriding the Default American Lifestyle / John Mirowsky and Catherine E. Ross
  • 16. How Genetics Will Change Medicine and Health Psychology / Jeanne McCaffery
  • 17. Nursing Science and Psychological Phenomena / Diane Lauver, Rebecca West, and Jean E. Johnson
  • 18. Medical Anthropology / William W. Dressler
  • 19. Health Psychology Meets Health Economics / Yaniv Hanoch and Thomas Rice
  • 20. The Evidence-Based Movement in Health Psychology / Maya Rom Korin, Robert M. Kaplan, and Karina W. Davidson
  • IV. Health Psychology / Public Health, and Prevention
  • 21. Impacts of Being Uninsured / Dylan Habeeb Roby
  • 22. Health Services Research / Alison Herrmann
  • 23. Primary Care and Prevention / JoEllen Patterson, Joseph E. Scherger, and Ann Marie Smith
  • 24. Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease / Gerdi Weidner and Friederike Kendel
  • 25. The Role of Behavior in Cancer Prevention / Deborah Bowen and Ulrike Boehmer
  • 26. Community HIV Preventive Interventions, María Luisa Zúñiga, Steffanie A. Strathdee, Estela Blanco, Jose L. Burgos, and Thomas L. Patterson
  • 27. The Contribution of Health Psychology to the Advancement of Global Health / Brian Oldenburg, Maximilian de Courten, and Emma Frean
  • V. Health Psychology and the Medical Specialties
  • 28. Cardiology / Manjunath Harlapur, Dennis Abraham, and Daichi Shimbo
  • 29. The Management of Diabetes / Ian M. Kronish and Devin Mann
  • 30. Sleep Medicine / Amy M. Sawyer and Terri E. Weaver
  • 31. Psychosocial Interventions for Patients with Cancer / Michael A Diefenbach, Nihal E. Mohamed, Gina Turner, and Catherine S. Diefenbach
  • 32. Pain and Painful Syndromes (Including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia) / David A. Williams
  • 33. Coping with Chronic Illness / Austin S. Baldwin, Quinn D. Kellerman, and Alan J. Christensen
  • 34. Managing the Obesity Epidemic / Lucy F. Faulconbridge and Thomas A. Wadden
  • 35. Pharmacology and Behavior: The Case of Tobacco Dependence / Kenneth A. Perkins
  • 36. Theory-Based Behavioral Interventions for Smoking Cessation: Efficacy, Processes, and Future Directions / Jonathan B. Bricker