Hopi stories of witchcraft, shamanism, and magic /

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Main Author: Malotki, Ekkehart.
Other Authors: Gary, Ken.
Format: Book
Published: Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2001.
Table of Contents:
  • The stories. The boy who encountered the jimsonweed and four o'clock girls
  • The man who was buried alive
  • How old spider woman came to the rescue of the Yaya't
  • The boy who wanted to be a medicine man
  • The Tsa'kwayna death spirits
  • The fate of Pongoktsina and his wife
  • The man who traveled to Maski, home of the dead, to bring back his wife
  • The Yaya't and their feats
  • An Oraibi boy's visit to Maski, home of the dead
  • The snake clan boy and the sorcerers
  • The man who was married to a witch
  • How Coyote came to visit Maski, home of the dead
  • The So'yoko Orge and his wife
  • How Somaykoli came to Shungopavi
  • The boy who was born from a dead mother--
  • Kotsoylaptiyo and the sorcerers
  • How the snake ceremony came to Oraibi
  • The boy who became a deer
  • The woman who gave birth to the seeds
  • The creation of the morning and evening star
  • How the Pöqangw brothers stole the lightning
  • The poor boy who wanted a horse
  • How the Pöqangw brothers found their father
  • The water vessel boy
  • A famine at Oraibi
  • How the Zunis killed the Hehey'a kachinas
  • Yaapontsa, the wind god
  • So'yoko and the Shungopavis
  • The witch owl
  • The gambling boy who married a bear girl.