Disease and demography in the Americas /

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Corporate Author: National Museum of Natural History (U.S.)
Other Authors: Verano, John W., Ubelaker, Douglas H.
Format: Book
Published: Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, c1992.
Table of Contents:
  • Skeletal paleopathology : probabilities, possibilities, and impossibilities / Donald J. Ortner
  • Prehistoric disease and demography in the Andes / John W. Verano
  • Population decline and extinction in La Florida / Clark Spencer Larsen ... [et al.]
  • Health and disease in the late prehistoric Southeast / Mary Lucas Powell
  • Health and disease in the Southwest before and after Spanish contact / Ann L.W. Stodder and Debra L. Martin
  • Demography of prehistoric and early historic Northern Plains populations / Douglas W. Owsley
  • Diet and disease in late prehistory / Jane E. Buikstra
  • Disease and sociopolitical systems in late prehistoric Illinois / George R. Milner
  • Transformation and disease : precontact Ontario Iroquoians / Shelley R. Saunders, Peter G. Ramsden, and D. Ann Herring.
  • Effects of contact on the Chumash Indians / Phillip L. Walker and John R. Johnson
  • Impact of disease on the precontact and early historic populations of New England and the Maritimes / Catherine C. Carlson, George J. Armelagos, and Ann L. Magennis
  • Pre-Columbian treponematosis in coastal North Carolina / Georgieann Bogdan and David S. Weaver
  • Summary on disease before and after contact / Arthur C. Aufderheide
  • North American Indian population size : changing perspectives / Douglas H. Ubelaker
  • Disease and population decline in the Northeast / Dean R. Snow
  • Depopulation in the Southeast after 1492 / Russell Thornton, Jonathan Warren, and Tim Miller
  • Prehistoric population density in the Amazon Basin / Betty J. Meggers.
  • Impact of disease in the sixteenth-century Andean world / Noble David Cook
  • Native American trade centers as contagious disease foci / Henry F. Dobyns
  • Population and Spanish contact in the Southwest / Steadman Upham
  • Yellow fever and the Africanization of the Caribbean / Kenneth F. Kiple and Brian T. Higgins
  • Population decline from two epidemics on the Northwest coast / Robert Boyd
  • The 1832 inoculation program on the Missouri River / Michael K. Trimble
  • Contact shock in Northwestern New Spain, 1518-1764 / Daniel T. Reff
  • Summary on population size before and after contact / Alfred W. Crosby.