Lullabies of the world /

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Other Authors: Commins, Dorothy (Editor, arranger of music.)
Format: Musical Score Book
Published: New York : Random House, 1967.
Table of Contents:
  • Canada. Halifax. Come to your mommy ; British Columbia (Tsimshian Indian). She will gather roses ; Dear boy ; Quebec. It is a gray hen ; St. Lawrence region (Iroquois Indian). Sleep, sleep, little one
  • United States. Generally known. Rock-a-by, baby, on the treetop ; A frog he would a-wooing go ; Go tell Aunt Rhody ; Southern Michigan. Animal song ; New York State. Here take this lovely flower ; Southern Appalachians. The mocking bird ; Pennsylvania Dutch. Sleep, my baby, sleep ; Southern States. Go ter sleep ; Louisiana (Creole). Gay Creole gal ; Wisconsin (Ojibway Indian). Hush little baby ; South Dakota (Sioux Indian). Way off from you ; Oklahoma (Pawnee Indian). Kawas, thy baby is crying! ; Northeastern Arizona (Hopi Indian). Pu'va, pu'va, pu'va
  • Central America. Mexico (Yaqui tribe). Hush, little one ; Mexico. Hush, hush child ; Guatemala. Go to sleep, my little one ; El Salvador. Now sleep, little fellow ; Nicaragua. Precious child. Honduras. Sleep, little one
  • West Indies. Cuba. Go to sleep, my little one ; Haiti. Sleep, mosquitos, sleep ; Jamaica (British West Indies). All me rock ; Tobago (British West Indies). Mama gone a-mountin ; Trinidad (Maracas, British West Indies). Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep ; Dominican Republic. Oh, my little dove ; Puerto Rico. Go to sleep, my treasure
  • South America. Venezuela. Sleep little child ; Ecuador (Quechua Indian). Little child, little child, sleep a while more ; Colombia. Sleep, little one ; Peru. Go to sleep, my little one ; Brazil (Paressi Indian). Little son, sleep in the hammock ; Brazil. Boo! maramba ; Bolivia. Our lady Saint Anne ; Uruguay. Sleep, my baby ; Chile. Sleep, blessed babe ; Argentina. Arrorro, my baby
  • Scandinavia. East Greenland (Ammassalik Eskimo). How charming he is that little pet there! ; Iceland. Sleep, my darling baby sleep ; Norway. Sleep gently now my little friend ; Faroe Islands. Rock, rock the child ; Sweden. Tu, Tu! aren't you coming? ; Denmark. Sleep, my little one
  • British Isles. England. Bye baby bunting ; Isle of Man (Manx, U.K.). Little red bird of the black turf ; Ireland (County Donegal). Sleep, O babe ; Wales. Lullaby, my pretty one ; Scotland (Highlands). Sleep on till dawn ; Scotland (Edinburgh). Sleep, sleep, my child
  • West Europe. Belgium (Wallonia). Sleep, my precious chick ; Brittany. Toutouig ; France. Sleep, baby, sleep ; Go to sleep, Colas ; Spanish Pyrenees (Basque). Hush, poor child, hush thee to sleep ; Corsica. In the hills of Cuscioni ; Portugal. Nightingale with the black beak ; Spain (Malaga). Sleep, my little babe ; Spain (Castile). Hush-a-bye baby al ron, ron
  • Europe. Netherlands (Twente). In the morning the frost is so cold ; Alsace. Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep ; Czechoslovakia. Hush-a-by, baby mine ; Netherlands (Dutch). Sleep, baby, sleep ; Switzerland (Canton of Wallis). Now then, sleep my child ; Germany. Sleep, baby, sleep ; Poland. Ai, lu lu ; Austria. Sleep, little soul ; Hungary. The sun is setting ; Italy (Bologna). Hush-a-bye, my lovely child ; Italy (Sicily). Sleep until dawn
  • Southeast Europe. Croatia. You are as ruddy as an orange! ; Dalmatia. Sleep, little Anna ; Old Serbia. O John, my son! ; Bulgaria. Nani, nani, mother's little baby ; Montenegro. Lully, lully, lully ; Rumania (Moldavia). Come, hush-a-by, hush, hush ; Greece. Now, then, sleep, sleep, my child ; Cyprus (Nicosia). O, Saint Marina, patroness.
  • North Africa. Tunisia. Sleep, sleep ; Morocco (Rabat). O Rari, O Rari ; Grand Atlas, Berber (Mzouda tribe). Harara youara! ; Ifni. Sleep, oh my beloved son ; Algeria. O Creator ; Egypt (Cairo). I pray to Allah ; Ethiopia. Ushururu my child ushururu
  • Sub-Sahara Africa. Ivory Coast (Adioukrou tribe). I've come to see you ; Ghana (Akan tribe). Whose child is this baby? ; Nigeria. O do not cry ; Belgian Congo (Tshokwe tribe). My child, do not cry ; Cape Province. Abiyoyo ; Zululand (Province of Natal). O hush thee baby ; Malawi (Lilongwa district). Hush, hush, hush, child ; Tanzania (Southern highlands). O son, son ; Uganda (Province of Buganda). Child of mine, hush!
  • Baltic. Latvia. Lullaby, my Jamie ; Estonia. Fall asleep, little one ; Finland. Tu-tu-tu-ti little one ; Karelia. Sleep is behind the door
  • Russia. Georgia. Ea, nano, nano, nano ; Central Russia. Bai, bai, bai, bai ; Byelorussia. Sleep, my dear little son ; Ukraine (Province of Kursk). The rain is pouring ; Circassia. Sleep, my baby, sleep, my pretty ; Turkmenistan. Bye-bye my boy
  • Southwest Asia. Armenia. How lovely you are ; Lebanon. When my soul embraces you ; Turkey (Istanbul). Eh-e, eh-e, nini eh! ; Israel. Night has descended ; Sephardim (Judeo-Espagnol). Sleep, sleep, my handsome son ; Askenazim (Yiddish). Standing under my baby's cradle ; Iraq (Bagdad). Delel-loi, delel-loi ; Iran (Kasharan, Kashkat tribe). Your mother loves you as her soul ; Afghanistan. Go to sleep, little child, go to sleep
  • South Asia. Maharashtra (Kolhapur). Sleep, sleep my baby ; East Pakistan. Come O sleep ; Goa. Don't cry, my child ; Rajasthan (Marwar). Baby likes his swing very much ; Punjab. Lali, Keshav's lali ; Sindh. Slumber little bride ; Kashmir. In my lap I'll lay thee ; Ceylon (Colombo). Sleep my baby
  • Southeast Asia. Malaysia. High above is the sun ; Burma (Rangoon). The storm is strong ; Laos. O, dear turtle dove! ; Thailand. The temple ; Vietnam (Black Thai). Lie down, sleep ; Cambodia (Province of Takeo). Go to sleep, little sister ; Indonesia (Djarkarta). Lelo ledung
  • Far East Asia. Sinkiang Province (Oirat Mongol). Nine of us have left ; China (Canton). Bright, bright the moon ; China (Peking). Purple straight-grown bamboo shoot ; Korea. Old bird, old bird ; Japan (generally known). Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep ; Japan (Province of Izumo). Sleep, baby, sleep
  • Pacific Islands. Philippines. Little one, oh little one, go to sleep ; Samoa. Listen to me, you parents ; Tahiti. Sleep baby ; Hawaii. I hold thee, my baby ; Australia (Queensland, Maranoa district). Though shadows dark.