Gangs, drugs and youth adversity : continuity and change.

Revisiting the young men interviewed in Deuchar's original fieldwork in Glasgow, this dynamic book explores the evolving nature of gangs and the contemporary challenges affecting young people, including drug distribution, football-related bigotry and the mental health repercussions emerging fro...

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Main Author: DEUCHAR, ROSS.
Format: eBook
Published: [S.l.] : BRISTOL UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2021.
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Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover
  • Gangs, Drugs and Youth Adversity: Continuity and Change
  • Copyright information
  • Table of contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Part I Gangs, Violence and Gang Evolution: History, Context and Methods
  • 1 Introduction: Gangs and Violence in the UK
  • Setting the stage: the context and contribution
  • Eurogang and the emergence of gang studies in Europe
  • The great UK gang debate
  • Moving beyond the UK gang debate, gang evolution and organised crime
  • An epidemic of knife crime and the 'Glasgow' model
  • Overview of the book's contents
  • 2 Violence and Gang Evolution: Scottish Perspectives
  • Violent crime rates in Glasgow and wider Scotland
  • Weapon-carrying, signals and triggers
  • Gangs and the challenges of marginalised youth
  • Moving on: evolving gang culture
  • Research methods
  • Sampling, participants and data collection
  • Geographical areas and socio-economic profiles
  • Ethical issues and data analysis
  • Chapter summary
  • Part II Continuity and Change in the West of Scotland: Empirical Insights
  • 3 Transitional Journeys and Contemporary Adversity: Practitioner Insights
  • A public health approach to violence prevention
  • Practitioner perspectives on gangs, violence and prevention
  • Diminishing gang violence and lingering issues
  • The SVRU, public health approach and social inclusion
  • Education, youth work, empowerment and inclusion
  • Poverty, inequality and an emerging 'perfect storm'
  • Chapter summary
  • 4 Moving In, Moving Up and Moving On
  • Adults' reflections on gangs, turning points and contemporary challenges
  • Moving in and moving up: ACEs, gangs and organised crime
  • Moving on: turning points and the impact of interventions
  • The schemes 'moving on': continuing and wider issues
  • Chapter summary
  • 5 Gang Organisation, Drug Markets and Supply Among Youth
  • The gang is dead, long live the gang
  • Lived experiences of drug consumption, supply and organised crime
  • The normalisation of drugs
  • Drug supply and gang affiliations
  • 'County Lines', travelling dealers and wholesale collecting
  • Chapter summary
  • 6 Diverse Contemporary Youth Influences and Challenges
  • Introduction
  • Young people's wider lived experiences and contemporary challenges
  • Lingering territorial boundaries, violence and knife-carrying
  • Football bigotry, marching and nuanced perceptions about sectarianism
  • Mental health and the amalgam of social media influences
  • Chapter summary
  • Part III Conclusion
  • 7 Framing and Re-Framing the Experiences of Youth in Disadvantaged Scottish Communities
  • Orientation, context and backdrop
  • The empirical focus (Glasgow and the west of Scotland)
  • Contemporary gains and remaining challenges: practitioner perspectives
  • Continuity and change: the views of adults and former offenders
  • Drug worlds: teenage and youth perceptions
  • Young people's wider 'lived experience'