The roots of racism : the politics of white supremacy in the US and Europe /

This important book examines the past, present, and future of racist ideas and politics, showing how policies have developed over a long history of European and White American dominance of political institutions.

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Main Author: Givens, Terri E., 1964- (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2022.
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Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover
  • The Roots of Racism: The Politics of White Supremacy in the US and Europe
  • Copyright information
  • Dedication
  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • 1 Introduction: Structural Racism is the Problem of the 21st Century
  • Ongoing discrimination toward ethnic and racial minorities
  • The politics of White supremacy versus White nationalism
  • Perpetuating White supremacy versus a multicultural future
  • Defining comparative race theory
  • Outline of chapters
  • 2 Political Science, International Relations, and the Normalization of White Supremacy
  • The impact of the lack of diversity in political science
  • Political science and the perpetuation of White supremacy
  • International relations, race, and immigration
  • Transatlantic ideas and connections: immigration, race (and religion) in Europe
  • Conclusion
  • 3 The Social and Geographical Construction of Race: A Transatlantic History
  • The development of race: a transatlantic history
  • Becoming Black
  • Becoming White: race and immigration
  • The role of religion in defining the other
  • Conclusion
  • Note
  • 4 Ties that Bind: Slavery and Colonialism
  • A timeline of slavery and colonialism
  • 1400-1550: laying the foundations for the slave trade
  • 1560-1600: the English enter the slave trade
  • 1607-1700: slavery in America
  • 1700-1800: the beginning of the end of the slave trade
  • 1800-1900: abolition to Civil War
  • Europe encounters Africa: 1400-1599
  • Slavery and colonialism
  • Colonialism and empire: the foundations for future migration
  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Conclusion
  • 5 Post-War Transitions: The Conflation of Immigration and Race
  • Immigration control, race, and eugenics
  • Immigration and the development of marginalized communities in Europe
  • From temporary labor to settlers
  • Family reunification and the beginning of the backlash
  • Conclusion
  • 6 Immigration, Race, and Citizenship
  • Reconstruction and the development of violent voter suppression in the US
  • Citizenship and immigration in Europe
  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Conclusion
  • 7 From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter
  • Discrimination in practice
  • The civil rights movements in the US and UK
  • British race relations laws
  • Antidiscrimination policy in Europe
  • Immigrant and minority political participation
  • Conclusion
  • Note
  • 8 Party Politics, the Radical Right, and Race in the 21st Century
  • A political backlash to increasing diversity
  • Radical right parties: racism repackaged
  • Barack Obama and immigrant politics
  • Transatlantic connections on the right
  • The decline of left-wing parties
  • Conclusion
  • 9 Elections, Protest, and Insurrection
  • Brexit and the politics of immigration
  • Black Lives Matter and policing