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Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, 2nd Edition, by Lee A. Fleisher, MD, summarizes the best available evidence concerning the most common clinical questions that anesthesiologists face every day, so you will have an informed basis for making effective patient management decisions. This new e...

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Other Authors: Fleisher, Lee A.
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Published: Philadelphia, PA : Saunders/Elsevier, ©2009.
Edition:2nd ed.
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245 0 0 |a Evidence-based practice of anesthesiology /  |c [edited by] Lee A. Fleisher. 
250 |a 2nd ed. 
260 |a Philadelphia, PA :  |b Saunders/Elsevier,  |c ©2009. 
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520 |a Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, 2nd Edition, by Lee A. Fleisher, MD, summarizes the best available evidence concerning the most common clinical questions that anesthesiologists face every day, so you will have an informed basis for making effective patient management decisions. This new edition covers 24 new topics and explores a full range of important issues in perioperative management--discussing the clinical options, examining the relevant research, and presenting expert recommendations. It features the latest information on clinical situations and reviews all clinical options based on the most recent clinical trials, providing a valuable framework for translating evidence into practice. As an Expert Consult title it includes convenient online access to the complete contents of the book--fully searchable--along with all of the images downloadable for your personal use, and references linked to Medline at www.expertconsult.com. Explores key topics such as preoperative preparation, perioperative management, regional anesthesia, monitoring, cardiovascular anesthesia, neurosurgical anesthesia, obstetrical anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, and pain, Uses a practical, consistent format in each chapter, providing an overview of the question under discussion ... an outline of the available management options ... a review of the relevant evidence ... identification of areas of uncertainty ... a summary of existing management guidelines ... and the author's recommendations. Provides tables that summarize the available literature as well as the recommended clinical approaches at a glance. Covers routine care as well as complicated and special situations to prepare you for a full range of challenges. 
505 0 |a Section I. -- Chapter 1. Evidence-Based Practice Parameters --The American Society of Anesthesiologists Approach, David G. Nickinovich, PhD, Richard T. Connis, PhD, Robert A. Caplan, MD, and James F. Arens, MD -- Section II. -- Chapter 2. Does Routine Testing Affect Outcome? L. Reuven Pasternak, MD, MPH, MBA -- Chapter 3. Is a preoperative screening clinic cost effective? Sheila R. Barnett, MD -- Chapter 4. Who Should Have A Preoperative 12-Lead Electrocardiogram? Barbara S. Gold, MD -- Chapter 5. Should Preoperative Hemoglobin Always Be Obtained? Bradly J. Narr, MD -- Chapter 7. What are the Risk Factors for Perioperative Stroke? Alexander Papangelou, MD and Marek Mirski, MD, PhD -- Chapter 8. Should we delay surgery in the patient with recent cocaine use? Nabil Elkassabany, MD -- Chapter 9. Should All Anti-Hypertensive Agents Be Continued before Surgery? John G.T. Augoustides MD, FASE -- Chapter 10. Is there an optimal timing for smoke cessation? James Y. Findlay, MB, ChB, FRCA -- Chapter 11. Should patients with asthma be given preoperative medications including steroids? George Pyrgos, M.D., Robert H. Brown, MD, MPH -- Chapter 12. Which patient should have a preoperative cardiac evaluation (stress test)? Amy L. Miller, MD, PhD, Joshua A. Beckman, MD, MS -- Chapter 13. Should patients with stable coronary artery disease undergo prophylactic revascularization prior to non-cardiac surgery? Santiago Garcia, MD and Edward O. McFalls, MD, PhD -- Chapter 15. How should we prepare the patient with a pacemaker/ICD? Mark Rozner, MD -- Chapter 16. When Should Pulmonary Function Tests Be Performed Preoperatively? Anthony N. Passannante MD, Peter Rock MD, MBA -- Section III. -- Chapter 17. Does the Airway Examination Predict Difficult Intubation? Satyajeet Ghatge, MD, Carin A. Hagberg, MD -- Chapter 18. Should Regional or General Anesthesia Be Used for Cases in which the Patient Has an Anticipated Difficult Airway? Seth Akst, MD, MBA and Lynette Mark, MD -- Chapter 19. Is there a best approach to induction of anesthesia in emergent situations? Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA -- Chapter 20. Do Inhalational agents have beneficial or harmful effects? Stefan G. De Hert, MD, PhD -- Chapter 23. Does anesthetic choice effect surgical and recovery times? Anil Gupta, MD, FRCA, PhD -- Chapter 24. What are the benefits of different ventilatory techniques? Maurizio Cereda, MD -- Chapter 25. Is There an Optimal Perioperative Hemoglobin? Jeffrey L. Carson, MD and Barbara Armas, MD -- Chapter 26. When are platelet/plasma transfusions indicated? Gregory A. Nuttall, MD -- Chapter 27. What drugs decrease postoperative bleeding? Veena Guru MD, and Stephen E. Fremes MD -- Chapter 29. When Should Perioperative Glucocorticoid Replacement Be Administered? Diane E. Head, MD, Aaron Joffe, DO, and Douglas B. Coursin, MD -- Chapter 30. Does the Choice of Fluid Matter in Major Surgery? Anthony M. Roche, MB, ChB, FRCA, Mmed, Catherine M.N. O₂Malley MB, BSc, FFARCSI, Elliott Bennett-Guerrero MD -- Chapter 31. What works in a patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome? Michael G. Fitzsimons, MD, William E. Hurford, MD -- Chapter 32. What Actions can be used to Prevent Peripheral Nerve Injury? Sanjay M. Bhananker, MBBS, MD, DA, FRCA, Karen B. Domino, MD, MPH -- Chapter 34. What is the Best Means of Preventing Perioperative Renal Injury? Vivek Moitra, MD, Alan Gaffney, MB BCh, Hugh Playford, MBBS, FANZCA, FFICANZCA, Robert N. Sladen, MBChB, MRCP(UK), FRCP(C), FCCM -- Chapter 35. Are alpha-2 agonists effective in reducing perioperative cardiac complications in non-cardiac surgery? Douglas C. Shook, MD, John E. Ellis, MD -- Chapter 36. Which are the best techniques for reducing the incidence of postoperative deep vein thrombosis? Charles Marc Samama, MD, PhD, FCCP -- Chapter 37. What is the optimal perioperative management for latex allergy? Robert S. Holzman, MD, FAAP -- Chapter 38. Are there special techniques in obese patients? David M. Eckmann, MD, PhD -- Chapter 40. What is the Best Strategy to Prevent PONV? Ashraf S Habib, MBBCh, MSc, FRCA, Tong J Gan, MBBS, FRCA, FFACS(I) -- Chapter 41. How can we prevent postoperative cognitive dysfunction? Terri G. Monk, MD, MS, Catherine C. Price, PhD -- Chapter 43. Can We Prevent Recall During Anesthesia? T. Andrew Bowdle MD, PhD -- Chapter 44. What is the best technique in the patient with an open globe and full stomach? Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD -- Chapter 46. What criteria should be used for discharge after outpatient surgery? Vinod Chinnappa MBBS, MD, FCARCSI, Frances Chung. FRCPC -- Chapter 47. What Must I Consider in Order to Safely Anesthetize Someone in the Office Setting? Laurence M. Hausman, MD, Meg A. Rosenblatt, MD -- Chapter 48. Should propofol be given by non-anesthesia providers? Beverly K. Philip, MD, McCallum R. Hoyt, MD, MBA -- Chapter 49. Is there an optimal management strategy? Neal H. Cohen, MD, MPH, MS -- Section IV. -- Chapter 50. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Antiplatelet Medications and Spinal Axis Anesthesia, Lynn M. Broadman, MD, Edmund H. Jooste, MBChB -- Chapter 51. The Best Approaches to Prophylaxis Against DVT Formation When Using a Combination of Neuraxial Anesthesia and One of the Heparins, Lynn M. Broadman, MD -- Chapter 52. Is regional anesthesia appropriate for outpatient surgery? Michael F. Mulroy, MD and Wyndam Strodtbeck, MD -- Chapter 53. Is Regional Anesthesia Superior to General Anesthesia for Hip Surgery? Michael K. Urban, MD, PhD -- Chapter 54. Does Intraoperative Regional Anesthesia Decrease Perioperative Blood Loss? Jeffrey M. Richman, MD, James F. Weller, MD, Christopher L. Wu, MD -- Chapter 55. What is the optimal management of the post-lumbar puncture headache? David L. Wlody, MD -- Chapter 56. Should ultrasound guidance be used for peripheral neural blockade? Michael Aziz, MD -- Section V. -- Chapter 57. Does a pulmonary artery catheter influence outcome in noncardiac surgery? Glenn S. Murphy, MD and Jeffery S. Vender, MD -- Chapter 58. What is the best method of diagnosing perioperative myocardial infarction? Martin J. London, MD -- Chapter 59. Does Neurological Electrophysiologic Monitoring Effect Outcome? Michael L. McGarvey MD, Steven R. Mesš, MD -- Section VI. -- Chapter 60. Is regional superior to general anesthesia for infrainguinal revascularization? R. Yan McRae, MD, Grace L. Chien, MD -- Chapter 61. Evidence Based Practice for Fast Track Cardiac Anesthesia -- Is it Safe? Daniel Bainbridge MD, FRCPC, Davy Cheng MD, MSc, FRCPC, FCAHS -- Chapter 62. Is There a Best Technique to Decrease Blood Loss and Transfusion after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting? John G.T. Augoustides, MD, FASE -- Chapter 63. Should thoracic epidural/spinal analgesia be used for CABG? Mark A. Chaney, MD -- Section VII. -- Chapter 65. What works for brain protection? Izumi Harukuni, MD, Stephen T. Robinson, MD -- Section VIII. -- Chapter 66. Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery ₆ Regional or General? Yaakov Beilin, MD -- Chapter 68. Does labor analgesia affect labor outcome? Scott Segal, MD -- Section IX. -- Chapter 70. How young is the youngest infant for outpatient surgery? Lucinda L. Everett, MD -- Chapter 71. Should a child with a respiratory tract infection undergo elective surgery? Christopher T. McKee, DO, Lynne G. Maxwell, MD, R. Blaine Easley, MD -- Section X. -- Chapter 72. Optimal Postoperative Analgesia, Michael A. Ashburn, MD, MPH, Jane C Ballantyne MD FRCA -- Chapter 73. Is preemptive analgesia clinically effective? Allan Gottschalk, M.D., Ph. D., E. Andrew Ochroch, MD. 
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