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Leading change just got a whole lot easier. Think you need awe-inspiring visions, complicated plans, and fist-pounding speeches to inspire change? Think again. A rising tide of real leaders ranging from banking executives and heads of multinational manufacturers to hospital administrators and small...

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Main Author: Tasler, Nick, 1978-
Format: eBook
Published: Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]
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Table of Contents:
  • Title Page; Copyright; Introduction: What's Eating Glen Peterson?; The Leader With a Thousand Faces; Sharp Turns and Wide Curves; Part One: Drive Change; Section 1: Use Your Blinkers; Chapter 1: Sandy's Rule; Attention + Direction = Change; Chapter 2: Why the Principal Killed the Football Team; Chapter 3: Drivers and Passengers; Chapter 4: The Permission Ceremony, Part 1: The Drama; Issue Number One: One Department, Many Teams; Issue Number Two: It's Taking Things off Our Plate That's Our Problem; Section 2: Check Your Mirrors; Chapter 5: The Permission Ceremony, Part 2: The Conflict.
  • Chapter 6: Who's That Behind You?Chapter 7: How to Be a Stalker; Part Two: Adapt to Change; Section 1: Anticipate; Chapter 8: Seriously, Who Keeps Moving My Cheese?!?; Chapter 9: Pivots and Power Strokes; Chapter 10: Start with Why 13ư Percent; Chapter 11: The Cure for Hyperopia; Section 2: Decide; Chapter 12: The Revolution That Was Televised; Chapter 13: The Pulse, the Anti-You, and the Mindset; Chapter 14: Why Drivers Need Navigators; Chapter 15: To Lead Is to Decide; Section 3: Align; Chapter 16: Rosa Parks and the Science of Revolution; The Mobile Middle and the Edgy Elites.
  • Chapter 17: How to Break a BottleneckClarify What You'Ve Decided is the Best Option; Clarify the Presentation of Your Recommendation; Clarify the Deadline For the Needed Decision; Chapter 18: Mobilize the Middle; The Not-So-Magic 90-Day Window; Lucky Number 3; Chapter 19: Don't Forget the Waitlist!; Section 4: Permit; Chapter 20: The Hardest Permission to Give; Chapter 21: Priori-Time: The Antidote to Urgency; Section 5: Test; Chapter 22: Shift Happens; Chapter 23: Scientific Management 2.0: From Taylorism to Taslerism; Epilogue: When Change Blows; Index; End User License Agreement.