The Cenozoic Southern Ocean : tectonics, sedimentation, and climate change between Australia and Antarctica /

With the fragmentation of Gondwana, the southern continents other than Antarctica drifted northward and the global climate changed. One of the two key separation points, Tasmania-Antarctica, the "Tasmanian Gateway," is the subject of this volume.

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Other Authors: Exon, N. F., Kennett, James P., Malone, Mitchell J., 1962-
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC : American Geophysical Union, 2004.
Series:Geophysical monograph ; 151.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cenozoic reconstructions of the Australia-New Zealand-South Pacific sector of Antarctica / Steven C. Cande and Joann M. Stock
  • Tectonics and basin development of the offshore Tasmanian area incorporating results from deep ocean drilling / Peter J. Hill and Neville F. Exon
  • Cenozoic environments in the Tasmanian area of the Southern Ocean (ODP leg 189) : inferences from bulk and clay mineralogy / Christian Robert
  • On the magnetostratigraphy of the East Tasman Plateau, timing of the opening of the Tasmanian gateway and paleoenvironmental changes / Mike Fuller and Yannick Touchard
  • Magnetostratigraphy of the Pliocene-Pleistocene sequence and of the Eocene-Oligocene transition at ODP leg 189 hole 1168 / Y. Touchard and M. Fuller
  • The Cretaceous/Paleogene transition on the East Tasman Plateau, southwestern Pacific / Stephen A. Schellenberg [and others]
  • On the search for the Paleocene/Eocene boundary in the Southern Ocean : exploring ODP leg 189 holes 1171D and 1172D, Tasman Sea / Ursula Röhl [and others]
  • Sea level and astronomically induced environmental changes in middle and late Eocene sediments from the East Tasman Plateau / Ursula Röhl [and others]
  • A chemostratigraphic and geochemical facies analysis of strata deposited in an Eocene Australo-Antarctic seaway : is cyclicity evidence for glacioeustasy? / Timothy S. White
  • Changes in South Ocean circulation in late Oligocene to early Miocene time / Helen A. Pfuhl [and others]
  • Quantitative Miocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy from the Tasmanian gateway / Kristeen L. McGonigal
  • Early to middle Miocene paleoceanography in the southern high latitudes off Tasmania / Atsuhito Ennyu and Michael A. Arthur
  • Paleoce[a]nographic change during the middle Miocene climate revolution : an Antarctic stable isotope perspective / A.E. Shevenell and J.P. Kennett
  • Late Neogene history of paleoproductivity and ice rafting south of Tasmania / Liselotte Diester-Haass and Stefan Nees
  • A deep-sea record of the late Miocene carbon shift from the southern Tasman Sea / R.A. Tedford and D.C. Kelly
  • Paleo-export production, terrigenous flux and sea surface temperatures around Tasmania
  • implications for glacial/interglacial changes in the subtropical convergence zone / Dirk Nürnberg [and others]
  • Tectono-sedimentary history of uppermost Cretaceous through Oligocene sequences from the Tasmanian region, a temperate Antarctic margin / Neville F. Exon [and others]
  • Paleoceanographic evolution of the Tasmanian seaway and its climatic implications / James P. Kennett and Neville F. Exon.