Auroral plasma dynamics /

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Other Authors: Lysak, Robert L.
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, D.C. : American Geophysical Union, ©1993.
Series:Geophysical monograph ; 80.
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Table of Contents:
  • Observations of the pulsation phase of auroras observed at Minneapolis during the peak of solar cycle 22 / J.R. Winckler, R.J. Nemzek
  • The discovery of auroral x-rays by balloon-borne detectors and their contributions to magnetospheric research / G.K. Parks, T.J. Freeman, M.P. McCarthy, S.H. Werden
  • Optical measurements of the fine structure of auroral arcs / J.E. Borovsky, D.M. Suszcynsky
  • Some UV dayside auroral morphologies / R.D. Elphinstone, D.J. Hearn, J.S. Murphree, L.L. Cogger, M.L. Johnson, H.B. Vo
  • Auroral expansion into the dayside polar cap: ground and satellite observations in the prenoon sector / P.E. Sandholt, J. Moen, D. Opsvik, W.F. Denig, W.J. Burke
  • High-latitude electrodynamics and aurorae during northward IMF / L.G. Blomberg, G.T. Marklund
  • Convection and electrodynamic signatures in the vicinity of a sun-aligned arc: results from the polar acceleration regions and convection study (Polar ARCS) / L.A. Weiss, E.J. Weber, P.H. Reiff, J.R. Sharber, J.D. Winningham, F. Primdahl, I.S. Mikkelsen, C. Seifring, E.M. Wescott
  • Plasma flows associated with an auroral arc at the polar cap boundary / H.A. Gallagher Jr., R.L. Carovillano, E.J. Weber, J.F. Vickrey
  • Plasma convection and currents in the auroral zone / L. Zhang, R.L. Carovillano
  • Auroral weak double layers: a critical assessment / H.E.J. Koskinen, A.M. Mälkki
  • Are weak double layers important for auroral particle acceleration? / A.I. Eriksson, R. Boström
  • The strong-double-layer model of auroral arcs: an assessment / J.E. Borovsky
  • Generalized model of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator / R.L. Lysak
  • Laboratory work on transient currents and its application to auroral arc currents / J.M. Urrutia, R.L. Stenzel
  • From balloons to chemical releases--what do charged particles tell us about the auroral potential region? / R.A. Hoffman
  • On the high- and low-altitude limits of the auroral electric field region / P.H. Reiff, G. Lu, J.S. Burch, J.D. Winningham, L.A. Frank, J.D. Craven, W.K. Peterson, R.A. Heelis
  • The acceleration of electrons by electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves / M. Temerin, C. Carlson, J.P. McFadden
  • Statistical distributions of the auroral electron albedo in the magnetosphere / D.M. Klumpar
  • Diffusion of echo 7 electron beams during bounce motion / R.J. Nemzek
  • Ion acceleration in the low- and mid-altitude auroral ionosphere / A.W. Yau, B.A. Whalen
  • Transverse ion acceleration by active experiments / R.L. Arnoldy
  • Ion heating by low frequency waves / T. Chang, M. André
  • Interaction of ion beams in the auroral acceleration region / R. Bergmann, P.C. Gray, M.K. Hudson, I. Roth
  • Effects of solar cycle on auroral particle acceleration / C.A. Cattell, T. Nguyen, M. Temerin, W. Lennartsson, W. Peterson
  • Sounding rocket observations of ion injections in the morning convection reversal region / J.H. Clemmons, C.W. Carlson
  • Centrifugal flow reversal in the equatorial magnetosphere / D.C. Delcourt, J.A. Sauvaud, T.E. Moore
  • DE 1 particle and wave observations in an AKR source region / J.D. Menietti, J.L. Burch
  • Acceleration and radiation from auroral cavitons / R. Pottelette, R.A. Treumann, G. Holmgren, N. Dubouloz, M. Malingre
  • Elusive upper hybrid waves in the auroral topside ionosphere / R.F. Benson
  • SCEX 3 observations of HF Z-mode emissions from the aurora / R.T. Goerke, P.J. Kellogg, S.D. Bale, S.J. Monson, H.R. Anderson, D.W. Potter, E.P. Szuszczewicz, G.D. Earle
  • Cherenkov whistler emissions from tethers and magnetic antennas in relative motion to plasmas / R.L. Stenzel, J.M. Urrutia
  • Effects of transverse, localized DC electric fields on current-driven ion-cyclotron waves, / M.E. Koepke, W.E. Amatucci, J.J. Carroll III, M.J. Alport, T.E. Sheridan.