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Visual Basic .NET is a radically new version of Microsoft Visual Basic, the world's most widely used rapid application development (RAD) package. Whether you are just beginning application development with Visual Basic .NET or are already deep in code, you will appreciate just how easy and valu...

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Main Author: Roman, Steven.
Other Authors: Lomax, Paul., Petrusha, Ronald, 1951-
Format: eBook
Published: Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, ©2003.
Edition:1st ed.
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Table of Contents:
  • Visual Basic .NET Language Pocket Reference; Introduction; Font Conventions; Visual Basic Conventions; Data Types; Variables; Operators and Precedence; Constants; Call Type Constants; Comparison Constants; Date and Time Constants; Date Format Constants; Error Constant; File Attributes; Logical and Tristate Constants; Message Box Constants; Buttons constants; Default button constants; Icon constants; Modality constants; Return value constants; Miscellaneous constants; Special Character Constants; Variable Subtype Constants; Window Style Constants; Enumerations.
  • AppWinStyle EnumerationCallType Enumeration; CompareMethod Enumeration; ControlChars Class; DateFormat Enumeration; DateInterval Enumeration; DueDate Enumeration; FileAttribute Enumeration; FirstDayOfWeek Enumeration; FirstWeekOfYear Enumeration; MsgBoxResult Enumeration; MsgBoxStyle Enumeration; OpenAccess Enumeration; OpenMode Enumeration; OpenShare Enumeration; TriState Enumeration; VariantType Enumeration; VbStrConv Enumeration; Object Programming; .NET Framework Class Library; Custom Types and Classes; Fields, Properties, and Methods; Program Structure; Array Handling; Erase Statement.
  • IsArray FunctionJoin Function; LBound Function; ReDim Statement; UBound Function; VBFixedArray Attribute; Collection Objects; Collection. Add Method; Collection. Count Property; Collection. Item Method; Collection. Remove Method; Conditional Compilation; #Const Directive; #If?.?.?.?Then?.?.?.?#Else Directive; CBool Function; CByte Function; CChar Function; CDate Function; CDbl Function; CDec Function; CInt Function; CLng Function; CObj Function; CSng Function; CStr Function; CType Function; DateValue Function; DirectCast Function; Option Strict Statement; Str Function; TimeValue Function.
  • Val FunctionValDec Function; Other Conversion; Fix Function; Hex Function; Int Function; Oct Function; QBColor Function; RGB Function; Date and Time; DateAdd Function; DateDiff Function; DatePart Function; DateSerial Function; DateString Property; Day Function; GetTimer Function; Hour Function; Minute Function; Month Function; MonthName Function; Now Property; Second Function; TimeOfDay Property; Timer Property; TimeSerial Function; TimeString Property; TimeValue Function; Weekday Function; WeekdayName Function; Year Function; Declaration; Class?.?.?.? End Class Statement; Const Statement.
  • Declare StatementDim Statement; Enum Statement; Friend Keyword; Function Statement; Option Explicit Statement; Private Statement; Property Statement; Protected Keyword; Public Statement; Static Statement; Structure ... End Structure Statement; Sub Statement; Error Handling; Erl Property; Err. Clear Method; Err. Description Property; Err. GetException Method; Err. HelpContext Property; Err. HelpFile Property; Err. LastDLLError Property; Err. Number Property; Err. Raise Method; Err. Source Property; ErrorToString Function; IsError Function; On Error Statement; Resume Statement; Throw Statement.