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Beginning JSON is the definitive guide to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation, today's standard in data formatting for the web. The book starts with the basics, and walks you through all aspects of using the JSON format.

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Main Author: Smith, Ben, 1975- (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: [New York, NY] : Apress, [2015]
Series:Expert's voice in Web development.
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Table of Contents:
  • At a Glance; Introduction; Chapter 1: JavaScript Basics; JavaScript History; JavaScript Essentials; Values; Primitive Types; The Number Type; The String Type; Alternate Quotations; Escaped Quotations; The Boolean Type; undefined Type; null Type; Expressions; Operators; Assignment Operator; Arithmetic Operators; Comparison Operators; The typeof Operator; The instanceof Operator; The ! Operator; Statements; Line Terminators; Control Statements; Block Statements; Truthy/ Falsy; Loop Statements; The for loop; The for/in loop; Declarations; Variables; Functions; Summary
  • Key Points from This ChapterChapter 2: Special Objects; Objects; Objects Are Collections; Built-in Objects; Object; Creating Objects; Access Notation; Dot Notation; Bracket Notation; Bracket Notation vs. Dot Notation; Array; Object Literals; Designing Literals; The Object Literal; The Array Literal; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 3: String Manipulation; String Concatenation; The String Object; Creating String Objects; The Interface of the String Object; length; toString; charAt; indexOf; lastIndexOf; match; replace; slice; substr; split; toUpperCase; toLowerCase
  • The Implicit String ObjectSummary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 4: Introducing JSON; History; JSON Grammar; Composite Structures; JSON Values; JSON Tokens; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 5: Creating JSON; The Serialization Process -Demystified; The JSON Object; stringify; value; toJSON; replacer; replacer Array; replacer Function; space; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 6: Parsing JSON; JSON.parse; eval; reviver; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 7: Persisting JSON: I; HTTP Cookie; Syntax; expires; max- age; domain; path; secure; httponly
  • Document.cookieWeb Storage; Web Storage Interface; setItem; getItem; removeItem; clear; key; length; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 8: Data Interchange; Hypertext Transfer Protocol; HTTP-Request; Request Line; Headers; General Headers; Request Headers; Entity Headers; Entity Body; HTTP Response; Status Line; Headers; General Headers; Response Headers; Entity Headers; Entity Body; Ajax; XMLHttpRequest Interface; Global Aspects; The Request Aspect; open; setRequestHeader; send; abort; timeout; withCredentials; upload; The Response Aspect; getAllResponseHeaders; getResponseHeader
  • OverrideMimeTypeObtaining the Response; readyState; status; statusText; responseXML; responseText; responseType; response; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 9: X-Origin Resources; Same-Origin Policy; Circumventing Same-Origin Policy; CORS; Resource Sharing Check; The Proxy; JSONP; Dynamic Script Tag Injection; Summary; Key Points from This Chapter; Chapter 10: Serving JSON; Node.JS; Windows Installation; Mac Installation; Building an HTTP Server; Node HTTP Web Server; Node API; Modules; The HTTP Module; http.createServer; http.IncomingMessage; http.ServerResponse; http.Server