Introduction to JavaScript object notation : a to-the-point guide to JSON /

"This concise guide helps busy IT professionals get up and running quickly with this popular data interchange format, and provides a deep understanding of how JSON works ... begins with an overview of JSON syntax, data types, formatting, and security concerns before exploring the many ways you...

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Main Author: Bassett, Lindsay (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly Media, 2015.
Edition:First edition.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Copyright; Table of Contents; Preface; Audience; Approach to JSON; Conventions Used in This Book; Using Code Examples; Safari® Books Online; How to Contact Us; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1. What Is JSON?; JSON Is a Data Interchange Format; JSON Is Programming Language Independent; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 2. JSON Syntax; JSON Is Based on JavaScript Object Literals; Name-Value Pairs; Proper JSON Syntax; Syntax Validation; JSON as a Document; The JSON MediaType; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 3. JSON Data Types; Quick Look at Data Types; The JSON Data Types.
  • The JSON Object Data TypeThe JSON String Data Type; The JSON Number Data Type; The JSON Boolean Data Type; The JSON null Data Type; The JSON Array Data Type; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 4. JSON Schema; Contracts with Validation Magic; Introduction to JSON Schema; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 5. JSON Security Concerns; A Quick Look at Client- and Server-Side Relationships; Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF); Injection Attacks; Cross-Site Scripting (XSS); Holes in Security: Architectural Decisions; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 6. The JavaScript XMLHttpRequest and Web APIs; Web APIs.
  • The JavaScript XMLHttpRequestRelationship Woes and Rules About Sharing; Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS); JSON-P; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 7. JSON and Client-Side Frameworks; jQuery and JSON; AngularJS; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 8. JSON and NoSQL; The CouchDB Database; The CouchDB API; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 9. JSON on the Server Side; Serializing, Deserializing, and Requesting JSON; ASP.NET; PHP; ; Ruby on Rails; Node.js; Java; Key Terms and Concepts; Chapter 10. Conclusion; JSON as a Configuration File; The Big Picture; Index; About the Author.