Introducing Spring Framework : a primer /

" ... Your hands-on guide to learning to build applications using the Spring Framework. The book uses a simple My Documents application that you will develop incrementally over the course of the book and covers: How to programmatically configure the Spring container and beans; How to use annota...

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Main Author: Gutierrez, Felipe (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: [Berkeley, CA] : Apress, 2014.
Series:Expert's voice in Spring.
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Table of Contents:
  • At a Glance; Introduction; Part I: Spring Framework Basics; Chapter 1: Your First Spring Application; Pre-Requirements; Hello World Example; Running the Hello World Application; Spring Boot: Even Easier; Running the Spring Boot Application; Spring Boot, © la Groovy; Summary; Chapter 2: Working with Classes and Dependencies; My Spring Application
  • My Documents; Requirements of My Documents; Defining Classes and Dependencies; Using the Spring Framework; Spring Framework and Dependency Injection; Summary; Chapter 3: Applying Different Configurations; My Documents XML Configuration.
  • Using Spring AnnotationsSpring Stereotypes; Using the Java Bean Configuration; Using the GroovyBeanDefinitionReader Class; Which Configuration to Choose?; Summary; Chapter 4: Using Beans Scopes; Scopes; Using the @Scope Annotation; Using Bean Scopes in the New GroovyBeanDefinitionReader Context; Summary; Chapter 5: Working with Collections and Custom Types; List, Map, and Properties; Collections in Your XML Configuration; Merging Collections; Summary; Chapter 6: Using Resource Files; Using Resources; Using Property Files; Using a Different Language: Do You Speak Spanish?; Summary.
  • Chapter 7: Testing Your Spring ApplicationTesting with Annotations; Using Profiles; More Test Annotations; Summary; Part II: Spring Framework; Chapter 8: Give Advice to Your Spring Application; Advice to My Documents; AOP to the Rescue; AOP Concepts; Before Advice; After Advice; Around Advice; After Throwing Advice; AOP with Annotations; Summary; Chapter 9: Adding Persistence to Your Spring Application; Adding Persistence; Embedding a Database; A New Way to Collect Data: JdbcTemplate and RowMapper; Summary; Chapter 10: Showing Your Spring Application on the Web; Persistence Layer; Spring MVC.
  • Internationalization: i18nSummary; Chapter 11: Integrating Your Spring Application with External Systems; Java Message Service; Spring JMS; RabbitMQ and Spring Rabbit; Summary; Chapter 12: Exposing a REST API; RESTful; HTTP-GET; HTTP-POST; HTTP-PUT; HTTP-DELETE; Summary; Chapter 13: Adding E-mail and Scheduling Tasks; Sending E-mails; Let's Talk About Asynchronous Tasks; Let's Schedule; Summary; Part III: Spring Framework Advanced; Chapter 14: Using Dynamic Languages; Get More Dynamic; Doing Something Groovy; Using JRuby and Bean Shell; Summary.
  • Chapter 15: Spring Data Within Your Spring ApplicationUsing NoSQL Databases; Implementing the DocumentDAO; Testing MongoDB; A Complete DocumentDAO Test; Summary; Chapter 16: Messaging with Your Spring Application; Using RabbitMQ; RabbitMQ: Exchanges, Bindings, and Queues; Using a XML Marshaller for Message Conversion; ; ; and ; ; and ; Test the Rabbit; Summary; Chapter 17: Be Social and Go Mobile; Using Spring Social; Spring Social Twitter.