Inheritance Law - Challenges and Reform : a Norwegian-German Research Seminar.

Hauptbeschreibung In 2011 the Norwegian government appointed a Committee to prepare a proposal for a new inheritance act to replace the inheritance act of 1972. A German-Norwegian seminar on inheritance law took place in Bergen 2012 with a special attention to the ongoing reform of Norwegian inherit...

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Main Author: Frantzen, Torstein.
Format: eBook
Published: Berlin : BWV Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, 2013.
Series:Deutsch-norwegisches Forum des Rechts ; Bd. 9.
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword; Inhaltsverzeichnis; Tendencies in European Succession Law; I. Introduction; II. The Statutory Portion of the Surviving Spouse; III. Compulsory Portion of Children; IV. Succession Contracts; V. Testamentary Formalities; VI. Inheritance Transfer; VII. Concluding Remarks; Reforming the Norwegian Inheritance Act; 1. Introduction: The Expert Committee and Its Progress; 2. The 1854 Act and the 1972 Act; 3. Characteristics of Norwegian Inheritance Law.; 4. Why Do We Need a New Norwegian Inheritance Act?; 5. Should International Harmonization Be a Superior Goal?
  • The Legal Protection of the Surviving Spouse
  • German Law in Comparative Perspective1. Introduction: The Horizontalisation of Succession Law; 2. The Need For a Functional Approach; 3. Why Have Post-Mortem Financial Solidarity Between Spouses at All?; 4. How to Implement Post-Mortem Financial Solidarity Between Spouses?; 5. Conclusion; The Legal Protection of the Surviving Spouse: Norwegian Law; 1. Introduction; 2. Ordinary Intestate Regulations; 3. Minimum Inheritance; 4. Mandatory Protection; 5. Undivided Estate
  • "Uskifte"; 6. Legal Protection Outside the Inheritance Act.
  • 7. The Inheritance CommissionInheritance Rights for Cohabitants: Current Norwegian Law and Some Thoughts on Future Regulations; 1. Introductory Remarks; 2. The Current Statutory Inheritance Rights; 3. Criteria for Entitlement to Inheritance Rights; 4. Statutory, But Not Mandatory Inheritance Rights; 5. Some Remarks on the Current Legal Regulations; 6. Some Thoughts on Future Regulation; 7. Two Problems Concerning Equal Legal Status Between Spouses and Cohabitants; Should the Surviving Cohabitant Be Given Hereditary Rights to the Estate of the Deceased? A European Quest.
  • I. Some Introductory Remarks on Empiricism and NormativityII. Mapping Hereditary Rights of Surviving Cohabitants in Europe and Beyond; III. Some General Guidelines for Good Legislation; IV. The Norwegian Model; V. Concluding Remarks; Limitations on the freedom of testation; 1. Introduction/History; 2. Definition of Our System; 3. Special System of Limitation; 4. The Surviving Spouse; 5. Deductions; 6. Dispositions Inter Vivos and Mortis Causa; 7. How to Circumvent the System of Forced Share Inheritance; 8. Future Proposals in the Preparation for a New Law of Succession.
  • The Protection of Children in German Inheritance LawI. Introduction; II. Descendants in Inheritance Law; III. Minors in Inheritance Law; IV. Conclusion; List of Participants.