GANGS, DRUGS AND YOUTH ADVERSITY continuity and change.

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Main Author: DEUCHAR, ROSS.
Corporate Author: JSTOR (Organization)
Format: eBook
Published: [S.l.] : BRISTOL UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2021.
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Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover
  • Gangs, Drugs and Youth Adversity: Continuity and Change
  • Copyright information
  • Table of contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Part I Gangs, Violence and Gang Evolution: History, Context and Methods
  • 1 Introduction: Gangs and Violence in the UK
  • Setting the stage: the context and contribution
  • Eurogang and the emergence of gang studies in Europe
  • The great UK gang debate
  • Moving beyond the UK gang debate, gang evolution and organised crime
  • An epidemic of knife crime and the 'Glasgow' model
  • Overview of the book's contents
  • 2 Violence and Gang Evolution: Scottish Perspectives
  • Violent crime rates in Glasgow and wider Scotland
  • Weapon-carrying, signals and triggers
  • Gangs and the challenges of marginalised youth
  • Moving on: evolving gang culture
  • Research methods
  • Sampling, participants and data collection
  • Geographical areas and socio-economic profiles
  • Ethical issues and data analysis
  • Chapter summary
  • Part II Continuity and Change in the West of Scotland: Empirical Insights
  • 3 Transitional Journeys and Contemporary Adversity: Practitioner Insights
  • A public health approach to violence prevention
  • Practitioner perspectives on gangs, violence and prevention
  • Diminishing gang violence and lingering issues
  • The SVRU, public health approach and social inclusion
  • Education, youth work, empowerment and inclusion
  • Poverty, inequality and an emerging 'perfect storm'
  • Chapter summary
  • 4 Moving In, Moving Up and Moving On
  • Adults' reflections on gangs, turning points and contemporary challenges
  • Moving in and moving up: ACEs, gangs and organised crime
  • Moving on: turning points and the impact of interventions
  • The schemes 'moving on': continuing and wider issues
  • Chapter summary
  • 5 Gang Organisation, Drug Markets and Supply Among Youth
  • The gang is dead, long live the gang
  • Lived experiences of drug consumption, supply and organised crime
  • The normalisation of drugs
  • Drug supply and gang affiliations
  • 'County Lines', travelling dealers and wholesale collecting
  • Chapter summary
  • 6 Diverse Contemporary Youth Influences and Challenges
  • Introduction
  • Young people's wider lived experiences and contemporary challenges
  • Lingering territorial boundaries, violence and knife-carrying
  • Football bigotry, marching and nuanced perceptions about sectarianism
  • Mental health and the amalgam of social media influences
  • Chapter summary
  • Part III Conclusion
  • 7 Framing and Re-Framing the Experiences of Youth in Disadvantaged Scottish Communities
  • Orientation, context and backdrop
  • The empirical focus (Glasgow and the west of Scotland)
  • Contemporary gains and remaining challenges: practitioner perspectives
  • Continuity and change: the views of adults and former offenders
  • Drug worlds: teenage and youth perceptions
  • Young people's wider 'lived experience'