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From a Swedish hotel made of ice to the enigma of UFOs, from a tragedy on Lake Minnetonka to the gold mine of cyberpornography, The Princeton Reader brings together more than 90 favorite essays by 75 distinguished writers. This collection of nonfiction pieces by journalists who have held the Ferris/...

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Other Authors: McPhee, John, 1931-, Rigolot, Carol.
Format: eBook
Published: Princeton, N.J. ; Woodstock : Princeton University Press, 2011.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface / John McPhee
  • Aliens / Joel Achenbach
  • Baby Jessica ; History: How American Myths Are Made / Evan Thomas
  • If You Want to Humble an Empire / Nancy Gibbs
  • / Fighting for Life 50 Floors Up, with One Tool and Ingenuity; US Airways Flight 1549: Old Hands on the River Didn't Have to be Told What to Do / Jim Dwyer
  • Anthrax / Marilyn Thompson
  • The Everyman Who Exposed Tainted Toothpaste / Walt Bogdanich
  • When the Terror Began / Alexander Wolff
  • Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America / Michael Dobbs
  • A Knock on the Door / Serge Schmemann
  • Tiananmen Massacre / Rose Tang
  • Finding Respite from Worries / Jill Abramson
  • My Father's Closet / John Seabrook
  • A Backward Glance / Elizabeth Kendall
  • Silk Parachute / John McPhee
  • The Road Block ; Burning My Father / Peter Godwin
  • A Moving Experience / Paula Span
  • The Lure of the Frozen Lake / Julia Keller
  • True Love Is Made of This ; The Greatest Penn Success Story / Michael Vitez
  • A Pit Bull Who Provided Lessons in Loyalty and Unfailing Love ; A Sign: It's Jesus, or a Lunch Bargain / Peter Applebome
  • The Two Lives of John Favors '72: A Political Activist Becomes a Monk in the Hare Krishna Movement / Melvin R. McCray
  • In Albania, a Girl Who Became a Man ; The North Korean Film Festival: No Stars, No Swang, but What a Crowd! / Barbara Demick
  • Title Inflation: How Hollywood Watches Our Wallets /
  • Bob Mondello
  • Ice Accommodations / Juliet Eilperin
  • The Renaissance of the Marais / Mitchel Levitas
  • Walking to Vermont / Christopher S. Wren
  • Between a Woman and Her Doctor: A Story about Abortion / Martha Mendoza
  • Baby's First Helmet / James V. Grimaldi
  • After Etan: The Missing Child Case That Held America Captive / Lisa Cohen
  • A Hostage Crisis Hits Latin America / Juanita Darling
  • Children Caught in the Immigration Crossfire / Kathy Kiely
  • A Father's Promise / Geraldine Moriba Meadows
  • McKinley High School / Athelia Knight / A Believing Principal Leads a Battle to Save a School Edison's Big Loss / Dan Grech
  • Yodobashi No.6 / T.R. Reid
  • Sports: The Glue for Lost Kids / Filip Bondy
  • Curtis Williams-Victory and Ruins/ Ken Armstrong
  • Arson Science- To Their Rescue? / Emilie Lounsberry
  • Stinging Tentacles Offer Hint of Oceans' Decline / Elisabeth Rosenthal
  • Chernobyl: The Danger Persists / Felicity Barringer
  • Alaska: Oil's Groud Zero / Jeffrey Bartholet
  • Arctic Rush / Craig Duff
  • The X Files / Thomas E. Weber
  • Internet Gambling / Gilbert Gaul
  • Seeking New Ways to Nurture the Capacity to Report / Charles Lewis
  • Role Model: Sarah McClendon ; Remembering a Friend: Ed Bradley Was a Gift to Journalism / Roberta Oster Sachs
  • Whose Media Are We? / Ralph J. Begleiter
  • The West and the Arab World: The Case of Media / Daoud Kuttab
  • Don't E-mail Me ; Millions of Women Weep ; The Lessons of Cain / Joel Stein
  • A View to a Kill / Charles Lane
  • Cuba: The End of the End of the Revolution / Roger Cohen
  • Guantanamo / Jane Mayer
  • The Promise ; Gaza Notebook: The Bullets in My In-Box / Ethan Bronner
  • A Gaza Diary / Chris Hedges
  • In Horses, a Personal Refuge ; Hints of Lives Are All That Remains ; Now They Execute Polite Shuffles: There's a Strange Semeness in the Stories of Baath Party Members in Iraq ; In Land of Ruin, a House of Stone Shelters Delight / Paul Salopek
  • Iraq: Transformation Bypasses the Heartland ; Hezbollah Fighter Strove to be a Martyr / Thanassis Cambanis
  • Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War / Peter Maass
  • Bosnia's Elite "Disappeared" / Roy Gutman
  • Stone Age Ways Surviving, Barely ; Oshima Journal: After 90 Years, Small Gestures of Joy for Lepers / Calvin Sims
  • Ella in Wonderland ; On Writers and Writing: D.H. Lawrence Frees the Slaves / Margo Jefferson
  • Max Perkins: Editor of Genius / A. Scott Berg
  • The Prince / Claudia Roth Pierpont
  • Diary of a Bad Year, by J.M. Coetzee ; Beowulf and Fate Meet in a Modern Poet's Lens / Richard Eder
  • John Leonard / Robert Christgau
  • Growing by Degrees: Kanye West
  • Pop Music: The Durability of Doo-Wop ; On the White Side of Crossover Dreams / Martin Gottlieb
  • Something in the Air / Marc Fisher
  • The Sonata Seminar / Alex Ross
  • Shooting War / Mark Feeney
  • A Battalion of One's Own Injured in Iraq, a Soldier Is Shattered at Home / Deborah Sontag
  • David Maraniss / Connections
  • Trevor Manuel and the Liberation of Nelson Mandela / Pippa Green
  • Jerry Brown Still Wants Your Vote / Michael Duffy
  • "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired" / Jeff Gerth
  • Fannie Lou Hamer / Kay Mills
  • The Fourth of July / Greil Marcus.