Handbook of public pedagogy : education and learning beyond schooling / edited by Jennifer A. Sandlin, Brian D. Schultz, Jake Burdick.

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Other Authors: Burdick, Jake., Sandlin, Jennifer A., Schultz, Brian D.
Format: Book
Published: New York : Routledge, 2010.
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245 0 0 |a Handbook of public pedagogy :  |b education and learning beyond schooling /  |c edited by Jennifer A. Sandlin, Brian D. Schultz, Jake Burdick. 
264 1 |a New York :  |b Routledge,  |c 2010. 
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505 0 0 |t chapter 1 Understanding, Mapping, and Exploring the Terrain of Public Pedagogy /  |r JENNIFER A. SANDLIN, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t part Part I: Historical, Th eoretical, and Methodological Perspectives on Public Pedagogy --   |t chapter Cæsura Mapping Myself John Jota Leaños --   |t chapter 2 Outside Curricula and Public Pedagogy WILLIAM H. SCHUBERT, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO --   |t chapter 3 Critical Public Pedagogy and the Paidagogos: Exploring the Normative and Political Challenges of Radical Democracy PATRICK A. ROBERTS, NATIONALLOUIS UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 4 Resisting Plague: Pedagogies ofoughtfulness and Imagination MAXINE GREENE, THE MAXINE GREENE FOUNDATION AND TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 5 Public Pedagogy and the Unconscious: Performance Art and Art Installations PATRICK SLATTERY, TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 6 On the Privacy of Public Pedagogy:e Essayism of Robert Musil WILLIAM F. PINAR, UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA --   |t chapter 7 A Critical Performance Pedagogyat Matters --   |t chapter 8 Public Pedagogies: Everyday Politics on and of the Body /  |r M. FRANCYNE HUCKABY, TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 9 Beyondese Iron Bars: An Emergent (and Writerly) Inquiry into the Public Sphere --   |t chapter 10 Oaths --   |t chapter 11 Problematizing "Public Pedagogy" in Educational Research --   |t chapter 12 Educational Inquiry and the Pedagogical Other: On the Politics and Ethics of Researching Critical Public Pedagogies --   |t part Part II: Pedagogies of Popular Culture and Everyday Life --   |t chapter Cæsura McMuerto's John Jota Leaños --   |t chapter 13 The Binary Media --   |t chapter 14 Introduction: Feminisms and Pedagogies of Everyday Life --   |t chapter 15 Unmasking Hegemony with Th e Avengers: Television Entertainment as Public Pedagogy --   |t chapter 16 Matinee Man of Steel: Nostalgia, Innocence, and Tension in Superman Returns /  |r JULIE GARLEN MAUDLIN, GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 17 Bon re of the Disney Princesses /  |r BARBARA EHRENREICH --   |t chapter 18 When the Street Becomes a Pedagogue --   |t chapter 19 Earthships as Public Pedagogy and Agents of Change MISCHA HEWITT, LOW CARBON TRUST AND EARTHWISE CONSTRUCTION --   |t chapter 20 Digital Literacy and Public Pedagogy:e Digital Game as a Form of Learning PETER PERICLES TRIFONAS, ONTARIO INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES IN EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF --   |t chapter 21 Public Pedagogy through Video Games: Design, Resources, and A nity Spaces /  |r ELISABETH R. HAYES, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 22 Social Media, Public Pedagogy, and the End of Private Learning ALEX REID, STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BUFFALO --   |t chapter 23 Constructing Community, Disciplining Dissent:e Public Pedagogy of Facebook as a Social Movement /  |r RICHARD L. FREISHTAT, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 24 I Blog Because I Teach /  |r KENNETH J. BERNSTEIN, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL, GREENBELT, MARYLAND --   |t chapter 25 Hip-Hop as a Site of Public Pedagogy LANCE WILLIAMS, JACOB H. CARRUTHERS CENTER FOR INNER CITY STUDIES AT NORTHEASTERN --   |t chapter 26 Gra ti as a Public Educator of Urban Teenagers RICHARD S. CHRISTEN, UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND --   |t chapter 27 Write Your Own History:e Roots of Self-Publishing ANNE ELIZABETH MOORE, INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR AND CULTURAL CRITIC --   |t chapter 28 Culture Jamming as Critical Public Pedagogy /  |r JENNIFER A. SANDLIN, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 29 Parades, Sideways and Personal BILL TALEN, THE CHURCH OF LIFE AFTER SHOPPING --   |t part PART III: In/Formal and Activist Sites of Learning --   |t chapter Cæsura Social Art Tactics John Jota Leaños --   |t chapter 30 Touring the Nevada Test Site: Sensational Public Pedagogy ELIZABETH ELLSWORTH, THE NEW SCHOOL --   |t chapter 31 Places of Memorialization-Forms of Public Pedagogy:e Museum of Education at University of South Carolina CRAIG KRIDEL, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA --   |t chapter 32 Museums as "Dangerous" Sites LISA YUN LEE, JANE ADDAMS HULLHOUSE MUSEUM AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO --   |t chapter 33 e City of Richgate: Decentered Public Pedagogy VALERIE TRIGGS, UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA --   |t chapter 34 Intellectual Freedom and Pat Tillman JOHN JOTA LEAÑOS, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ --   |t chapter 35 Young People Talk Back: Community Arts as a Public Pedagogy of Social Justice /  |r SHARON VERNER CHAPPELL, CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY AT FULLERTON --   |t chapter 36 e Knitivism Club: Feminist Pedagogies of Touch SARAH O'DONALD, THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 37 A Public Peace Path: Transforming Media and Teaching Self-Awareness through Creative Expression ROSS W HOLZMAN, CREATE PEACE PROJECT --   |t chapter 38 Embodied Social Justice: Water Filter Workshops as Public Pedagogy B. STEPHEN CARPENTER, II, TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 39 e Framing Safety Project: Battered Women's Photo-Narratives as Public Pedagogy LISA FROHMANN, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO --   |t chapter 40 Breasted Bodies as Pedagogies of Excess: Towards a Materialisteory of Becoming M/other STEPHANIE SPRINGGAY, ONTARIO INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES IN EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF --   |t part PART IV: <Inter>Sections of Formal Institutions, Classroom Practices, and Public Pedagogy --   |t chapter Cæsura Los ABCs John Jota Leaños --   |t chapter 41 Beyondese Tired Walls: Social Action Curriculum Induction as Public Pedagogy --   |t chapter 42 Refusing to Submit-Youth Poetry Activism in High School --   |t chapter 43 Louderan A Bomb:e Chicago Teen Poetry Festival and the Voices that Challenge and Change the Pedagogy of Class(room), Poetics, Place, and Space --   |t chapter 44 A Note on the Politics of Place and Public Pedagogy: Critical Raceeory, Schools, Community, and Social Justice --   |t chapter 45 Activist Interventions: Community Organizing Against "Zero Tolerance" Policies --   |t chapter 46 Art Education as Culture Jamming: Public Pedagogy in Visual Culture --   |t chapter 47 What Are You Watching?: Considering Film and Television as Visual Culture Pedagogy --   |t chapter 48 In My Father's House, or Public Pedagogy and the Making of a Public "Interleckchul" --   |t chapter 49 Exile Pedagogy: Teaching In-Between --   |t part PART V: Neoliberalism, Fear, and the Control State --   |t chapter Cæsura iRaq forkscrew --   |t chapter 50 Neoliberalism as Public Pedagogy /  |r HENRY A. GIROUX --   |t chapter 51 A Pedagogy of De ance: Public Pedagogy as an Act of Unlearning /  |r NATHALIA E. JARAMILLO --   |t chapter 52 A Voice in the Wilderness: Ivan Illich's Era Dawns MADHU SURI PRAKASH, THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 53 Permission to Disrupt: REPOhistory and the Tactics of Visualizing Radical Social Movements in Public Space NICOLAS LAMPERT, VISUAL ARTIST, JUSTSEEDS VISUAL RESISTANCE ARTISTS' COOPERATIVE --   |t chapter 54 Reading the Nebraska Safe Haven Law Controversy: Neoliberalism, Biopower, and the Discourse of Expendability /  |r ERIK MALEWSKI --   |t chapter 55 Educational Justice Work: Resisting Our Expanding Carceral State ERICA R. 
505 0 0 |t MEINERS, NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 56 White Apocalypse: Preparedness Pedagogies as Symbolic and Material Invocations of White Supremacy JOHN PRESTON, UNIVERSITY OF EAST LONDON --   |t chapter 57 is Fist Called My Heart: Public Pedagogy in the Belly of the Beast PETER McLAREN, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES --   |t part PART VI: Public Intellectualism --   |t chapter Cæsura On Target John Jota Leaños --   |t chapter 58 Intellectuals and the Responsibilities of Public Life NOAM CHOMSKY, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY --   |t chapter 59 A Conversation with Grace Lee Boggs at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum GRACE LEE BOGGS, THE BOGGS CENTER, DETROIT --   |t chapter 60 Talking Beyond Schools of Education: Educational Research as Public Pedagogy /  |r MARC LAMONT HILL, TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 61 Teacher as Public Intellectual: Richard Dudley and the Fight Against South African Apartheid ALAN WIEDER, CENTER FOR TEACHING QUALITY --   |t chapter 62 Protest, Activism, Resistance: Public Pedagogy and the Public Square WILLIAM AYERS, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO --   |t chapter 63 Not a Minute to Hate /  |r CORNEL WEST --   |t chapter 64 Entertaining Ideas and Embodied Knowledge: Musicians as Public Intellectuals WALTER S. GERSHON, KENT STATE UNIVERSITY --   |t chapter 65 Public Pedagogy as Critical Educational and Community Leadership: Implications from East St. Louis School District Governance /  |r MICHAEL P. O'MALLEY, TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY  SAN MARCOS --   |t chapter A erword: Public Pedagogy and the Challenge of Historical Time /  |r PETER McLAREN --   |t chapter About the Contributors. 
650 0 |a Critical pedagogy. 
650 0 |a Postmodernism and education. 
700 1 |a Burdick, Jake. 
700 1 |a Sandlin, Jennifer A. 
700 1 |a Schultz, Brian D. 
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