Archaeology without borders : contact, commerce, and change in the U.S. Southwest and Northwestern Mexico / edited by Laurie D. Webster and Maxine E. McBrinn ; with Mexican editor Eduardo Gamboa Carrera.

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Other Authors: Webster, Laurie D., 1952- (Editor), McBrinn, Maxine, (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Boulder, Colo. : Chihuahua [Mexico] : University Press of Colorado ; Conaculta/INAH, ©2008.
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Table of Contents:
  • Creating an archaeology without borders / Maxine E. McBrinn and Laurie D. Webster
  • The transition to agriculture in the desert borderlands: an introduction / Gayle J. Fritz
  • The setting of early agriculture in southern Chihuahua / A.C. MacWilliams et al.
  • Modeling the early agricultural frontier in the desert borderlands / Jonathan B. Mabry and William E. Doolittle
  • Early agriculture on the southeastern periphery of the Colorado Plateau: diversity in tactics / Bradley J. Vierra
  • A method for anticipating patterns in archaeological sequences: projecting the duration of the transition to agriculture in Mexico, a test case / Amber L. Johnson
  • The case for an early farmer migration into the greater American Southwest / Steven A. LeBlanc
  • Exploring social identities through archaeological data from the Southwest: an introduction / Linda S. Cordell
  • Archaeological models of early Uto-Aztecan prehistory on the Arizona-Sonora borderlands / Jonathan B. Mabry, John P. Carpenter, and Guadalupe Sanchez
  • Interaction, enculturation, social distance, and ancient ethnic identities / Patrick D. Lyons and Jeffery J. Clark
  • Networking the old-fashioned way: social and economic networks among archaic hunters and gatherers in southern New Mexico / Maxine E. McBrinn
  • Architectural metaphor and Chacoan influence in the Northern San Juan / Scott G. Ortman
  • Life's pathways: geographic metaphors in ancestral Puebloan material culture / Kelley Hays-Gilpin
  • The dynamic nature of cultural identity during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in central New Mexico / Suzanne L. Eckert
  • New research from northern Mexico / Eduardo Gamboa Carrera
  • Imaginary border, profound border: terminological and conceptual construction of the archaeology of northern Mexico / Francisco Mendiola Galván / Epic of the Toltec Chichimec and the Purépecha in the ancient Southwest / Patricia Carot and Marie-Areti Hers
  • Mesoamerican influences in the imagery of northern Mexico / Arturo Guevara Sánchez
  • Turquoise: formal economic interrelationships between Mesoamerica and the North American Southwest / Phil C. Weigand
  • The cultural landscape of cliff houses in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua / Eduardo Gamboa Carrera and Federico J. Mancera-Valencia
  • All routes, all directions: the prehistoric landscape of Nuevo León / Moisés Valadez Moreno
  • Contributions of Walter W. Taylor to the archaeology of Coahuila, 1937-1947 / Leticia González Arratia
  • Archaeology and physical anthropology: a reflection on warfare in the archaeological vision / M. Nicolás Caretta
  • Pacification of the Chichimeca region / Martha Monzón Flores.